Wednesday, September 12, 2012

New Mixed Media Figures in Progress

I've been working on two new figures since last Saturday.  Here are some pics of one of them in progress.
This is the one that is mounted on the wire toaster piece.  Air dry clay with florist wire for arms.  Oops, just noticed that the head in the lower right section is the other doll I'm working on.  Both are in their most primitive states in these first photos.  Lots more time has been spent adjusting and sculpting and refining.  They look much better now that I've worked on them for several days.

We've been having beautiful weather here-- so much appreciated.  The light changes daily in the garden, and I keep moving potted plants to catch the sun as shadows lengthen.   I can't wait for my plants from Wayside Gardens to arrive, and it won't be much longer, as they should ship on Sept. 15.  :)

When choosing plants, I look for drought and heat tolerant first and certain favorites like salvias, coreopsis, monarda, and echinacea.  Of course, color plays a part, too.  But sometimes...I choose by name.  It is hard for me to resist names like Tiki Torch, Rasberry Truffle, Parson's Choice, and Fried Green Tomatoes (a lobelia cardinalis).

How do you choose plants?

Last night, the possum visited again.  If I forget to bring  stray grey cat's food in at night, it appears that I will be feeding a racoon and a possum.
See his little fingerish paws?  Doesn't he seem to be rubbing his hands in glee!  I've only seen the raccoon once, the possum twice, but most of the time I do remember to bring the bowl in if there is any food left.  I'm not deliberately trying to attract critters, but admit to enjoying the surprise visitors a bit.


  1. I am curious about the button on your new doll. And hope to see all of those new plants with their fun names!

  2. Your new doll looks so interesting. Can't wait to follow you from start to finish.

    The little possum is cute. ;-)

  3. Nancy - the button is not vintage; it is from a pack purchased a couple of years ago. Nothing special.

    Those individuals who name flowers, lipsticks, etc. have such talent for unique names, don't they?

    Stephie - He is almost finished, and he has a certain verve. I'm liking him even better after adding some sari ribbons!

    The possum has cute hands, but I don't like his rat-like tail. He seems to be quite comfortable in people's backyards and ambles away at his own pace.


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