Saturday, September 22, 2012

"hints and allegations"

You know how it is when you think of a word
and then a poem or song lyric 
fills in the thought?

I was going to type "hints" --
but Paul Simon's words
kept completing my thought.  

"There were incidents and accidents
There were hints and allegations..."

And there are always "incidents and accidents"
when I'm working.  I'm often
clumsy or careless.

Yesterday, I spilled more beads.
Into the carpet...
Difficult (impossible) to get them all picked up.
I dripped glue on my black jeans, 
gesso on the floor.

I dropped a head that I was working on.
Then had to try and smooth out 
all of the marks in the clay.
"Incidents and accidents."

Oh, well.
Here are "hints and allegations" of what I'm doing now.
Geez -- I had no idea how addictive folding book pages 
could be!  I receive so many Advanced Reader's Copies
 from publishers, that I end up donating 
dozens and dozens of books to Goodwill, the library,
 and an Assisted Living facility nearby.  
Some of the books, however, are not worth 
donating or passing on to friends.
I've been folding pages and experimenting. 
 Above is the simplest and my first attempt.

The problem is that right now, I have weeding to do.  
And fall planting.  And balancing my bank statement.
  And laundry. And vacuuming.


  1. Is the 'cone' a body? I like the niche in it :) And I like the 'crazy hair' (I did something similar with a mask once).
    Neverending chores, eh?!!!

  2. Nancy - Yes, the cone is a body, and I'm trying to figure out what to put in the niche. The wires are stuck in a silk cocoon that will be a headpiece for one of the figures. :) I think beaded wire would be so cool on a mask!

  3. Jenclair~ How about 'books'...teeny, tiny ones in her niche? Haha I have it as a 'she' You posted about books and other book related things were in the morning online mail, so they are on my mind I guess!
    Here is a link to my mask. 'Her' beads are more contained, but still burst and boing!
    Have fun with the making :)

  4. I'm with Suz, intrigued. Is the folded book going to be the skirt? Hmm.

  5. Nancy - The books would have to be WAY teeny, tiny! :)

    Your link to your mask didn't work!

    Suz - :) Me, too! The little devils are forging their own paths, and I'm not sure how things will turn out!

    Connie - Yes! I'm almost finished with this one, and you guessed it!

  6. Connie and I must be on the same brain wave....I saw a skirt right away. Says something when everyone has the same answer.

    You know, we all have days like yours: when there are more incidents and accidents than advancements. Some days I even have hair like this! I really enjoyed the post, Jenclair, and the conversation that follows has me smiling. What fun!

  7. Mary - And I thought I was being mysterious! Hmmph. You and Connie saw right through my hints.

    We all have days when "incidents and accidents" predominate; the weird ones are when you do the same wrong thing over and over....

    Somewhere there is a cartoon that fits the bad hair day scenario!

  8. I love that Paul Simon song. ;-) I have days like that, too. Hope it's better today! I bet you are the kind of person those things make you have inspired moments. ;-)

  9. Stephie - I love that song, too! Well, I love Paul Simon. Those days of incidents and accidents are usually on the days that common sense whispers put the top back on those beads now and id-iot answers in a minute.


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