Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Clio--goddess of Epic Poetry

Another head is in progress for this one 
as this one developed differently 
from what I expected. 
 Fee, however, really likes this one...
so maybe  another body will be required
for the head in progress.
 This is not an original idea, of course; I've seen 
at least 3 versions of a book doll.

 If this head remains, I will finish the neck/upper body...
if not, easy to slip the head right out and replace.


  1. That is so wonderful. I love it!!

  2. Thanks, Gerrie! I'm enjoying folding book pages right now--working on folding pages into a pumpkin shape. Easier said than done on keeping the pages even; mine are wandering a bit.
    All those Advanced Reader's Copies (the awful ones, anyway) are meeting a fitting end.

  3. Wow, she is SO totally awesome!!

  4. Thanks, Connie! Since I love reading, she is feels like a comrade in arms!

  5. I love her. Yours is the FIRST book doll I've seen--what a cool idea. I really like her hair--variegated sewing thread?

  6. Sophie - Close--upholstery trim! I bought some left-over pieces all stuffed in plastic bags a few years ago and love finding ways to use it.
    Thanks for the sweet comment, Sophie.

  7. Brilliant use of upholstery trims! I like this lady too!
    She's like a very upmarket 'flasher' of words, rather than naked flesh lol I would't change her at all!

  8. I really adore her! Do you ever sell your work? Hint hint.

  9. Jenclair, this one is my favorite! She's really pretty in a realistic way and I love her book dress. I can't decide which detail is best: eyes, hair or hands.

    I was wondering how tiring folding all those pages gets to be, but you didn't complain, so I'm willing to bet that you equate it with therapy or yoga.

  10. The head is beautiful, keep her!! Love this doll.

  11. liniecat - Upholstery trim is so much fun; so many styles and colors. I'm glad you like her, but the flasher reference has me grinning!

    Stephie - Thanks! :) No, I haven't gotten to the point of selling anything yet. Maybe someday....

    Mary - She is certainly well received! Thanks, Mary; I knew you'd like the book dress, being a reader yourself!

    Folding the pages does get old if there are several folds per page, but this one only has one fold per page--so not too bad.

    Teresa - Thanks! Another reader weighs in! Yeah, I guess I'm keeping the head. :)

  12. I agree with Fee on this. I really like her expression in conjunction with her being a book. I especially like her hair and headband!

  13. Nancy, I give in. This head will stay, and I'll finish her neckline. Now what about the head in progress? I'll have to find a body for that one!

  14. She's the first book doll I see, and she's beautiful!

  15. Thanks, Francoise! Clio seems to be a popular girl!


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