Monday, August 27, 2012

Isaac and Altered Doll

Our Labor Day Weekend Get-a-Way is not looking too good.  Since I'll be keeping Bryce Eleanor this weekend while Amelia and Chris attend an out of town wedding, we planned a trip to Baton Rouge and New Orleans.  Intending to join Erin, Mila, and Max in B.R. and then go to N.O. , we made reservations and anticipated visits to the aquarium and the zoo, a trolley ride, a visit to Jackson Square, some beignets at Cafe Du Monde (whatever we could fit in) ...sounded like a fine old time for the cousins.

Isaac, however, has made an untimely and unwelcome appearance.  The Gulf Coast awaits his arrival, battening down the hatches, boarding up homes, laying in supplies of food and water, and preparing to evacuate if necessary.  At least, the prediction of a Category 2 storm has been downgraded.  Hurricanes don't always follow predictions, though, as residents along the coast are well aware.

Ghoul Baby isn't as awful as some altered art, 
but neither is she a sweet baby doll 
any longer.  Altering her was both fun and disconcerting, 
and I think I'll try more altered works if I can find cheap baby dolls.

I've begun making her some clothes.  Switching back and forth between all of these projects.  Now papier mache', now cage doll, now Baker, and now back to Ghoul Baby.

Here are a couple of altered baby dolls that are Really Creepy:

From Lady G's Curiosity Shoppe
Altered dead baby zombie doll-Mummy's Boy

From Lorcheena's Etsy         this one is really scary!
Vintage Haunted Creepy Dark Spooky OOAK Altered Art Prop Doll Halloween Freak Scary

The secret to the complete creepy transformation, I think, is the eyes.  Just couldn't do it.  Since I couldn't manage to create anything that disturbing this time,  ghoul baby's clothes are going to bright and cheerful Halloween fabrics.

Maybe on my next attempt, I'll be able to make a genuinely sinister and macabre version.


  1. Well, it's decided: I am NOT all about the altered babydoll! Although you and the others have done a fine job of creeping me out, I just don't think it's my thing!
    Oh well, to each his/her own...carry on...

  2. Yeah, the dead eyes are really creepy. It's an interesting idea to do the creepy baby doll. I'm sort of with Nancy....I don't know if I could have it in my house!

    Hope you have a good holiday weekend and that the storm doesn't totally spoil it!

  3. the eyes have it lol but there is something enticing about them all!!
    More adult cutish-creepies than child friendly toys mind you!!
    Great work yours too........and Im convinced leaping from one to another WIP is the way to stay fresh.........or maybe thats only my excuse for my lack of self discipline....whatever, Im with you on working on several at once.....glue and paints need to dry right and then you need to do something tween times!!

  4. Nancy - I had to laugh! Now you know why I said it was disconcerting to alter a doll into a monster. Mine isn't going to be that creepy, but the others are kind of perfect for Halloween!

    Stephie - As Nancy says, "To each his own!" And I know what you mean about having one in the house. :)

    Liniecat - Oh, definitely not a child's toy! I can imagine nightmares from these creatures.

    Yep, keep movin' -- that's my motto! Fortunately, my studio has a door to the attic which heats up like an oven, so it functions to help speed up the waiting time.

  5. I've been thinking about you with all the Isaac news everywhere. I don't like the looks of that tracker map...Keep safe!

  6. Hey you! Haven't heard from you in a while. Up here in North Louisiana, we may get some heavy rain, but nothing like coastal residents have to deal with. Thanks for checking in, Debby!

  7. Ghoul Baby is pretty creepy wonderful ... but those other creepy babies are a little too creepy for me.

    Please stay safe in the storm. Isaac looks scary, even from here.

  8. Whoa, those are some creepy babies!

    Maybe go to Charleston or Savannah?

  9. Thanks, Sophie! "Creepy wonderful" sounds good to me!

    Coastal Louisiana is in for it, I'm afraid. Hoping for the best since we have friends and family there.

    Rian - I wish! But I rather make that trip without the kids!


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