Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Eccentric in Progress

In addition to the doll I showed you yesterday, I'm going to use a rusted
 old hand mixer for a mixed-media eccentric.
I've had trouble drilling a hole in the top in which to insert the head, 
but Fee managed to do it for me.  The wood was really hard!

I've worked on the rough version of the head.  It takes several days of working and molding the clay, letting it dry, adding more clay, letting it dry, carving, sanding, etc. to make a head.  Hopefully, I will refine it in the next few days--but I had to try fitting it into the mixer to see how it would work!

I'm enjoying working with the eccentrics again!

I found this at MJ Ornaments--it made me chuckle. 
 And check out her Halloween charms here.

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, and I usually make several Halloween dolls for the season.  So it is time to get my Halloween fabrics out and start going through my vintage artifacts to see what eccentric creatures might emerge.

 I saved some cute sayings from last year which might inspire some Eccentrics.  I've done witches, pumpkins, tiny ornaments for the Halloween Tree, ghosts, and black cats before, but there are always new variations.  I really need to finish the two I've just started first, though, and then I can move on to Halloween.

Ordered more of the Gonesh enriched incense from Spiritual Scents.  In lavender, of course, because it is my favorite.  This is unlike any incense I've ever tried; the Gonesh Enriched  smells wonderful (which not all incense does) and the scent lingers.


  1. I really dig what you're doing with the eccentric. What does that mean? I haven't heard of it. It's very cool what you're doing! I think it's going to be way cool! I bet that handle was hard. Wood gets so hard as it dries out!

  2. The head and 'body' look like fun!!

  3. Stephie - I call my weird and mixed media figures Eccentrics. Not all the dolls I make fit this category. :)

    Nancy - The little fellow is coming along. Should have taken progress pictures, but the head is nearly done now. He's going to be a character!

  4. Halloween? Already!
    I'm looking forward to seeing this new Eccentric of yours.

  5. Don't tell me Halloween is just around the corner! Yikes! The eccentric (great word) is going to be a hoot! I adore incense (I'm an ex-hippie after all) but Jim hates it so I don't burn it anymore.

  6. Francoise - If you are making things for Halloween, it is good to start early. :) Sometimes the season is over before I finish a project!

    Rian - The Gonesh sticks are the only incense I've found that I like. The lavender is heavenly!

  7. I love Halloween, too, would love to see your house decorated for the occasion. If we don't get together before then, pencil me in for October!

  8. Teresa - October, it is! Pumpkins and black cats and cooler weather.


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