Thursday, August 30, 2012

Cage Doll

Finally!  She isn't really a Santos, but certainly inspired by Santos.  The doll is cloth, needle-sculpted, then covered with clay.

Looks like the skirt needs to be steamed where the fabric was folded.  Bought this shiny ombre fabric several years ago and used a section of the lightest, most golden color, but the fabric graduates into much darker shades.  The shading in this sheer fabric has made it useful in ways I didn't  originally anticipate because sections can be cut to work with a number of different projects.

Fee brought me this lovely 10k gold thimble from his trip to Natchez!  I love it!  Sometimes he brings me something rusty, or odd, strange pieces of wood, things that might work their ways into the Eccentrics.  This time it was a sewing artifact, this thimble.   He knows what I like.  :)  Definitely a keeper!
Winds are beginning to pick up again here.  We were expecting the rain to arrive during the night, but it isn't here yet.

We thought Erin was going to come up here on Tuesday, but she had to work on Tuesday and decided not to come.  She took this picture on her way to stay with a friend.  Looks like she may have left a little late.  (Baton Rouge, Nicholson S. Bound before LSU)

Expecting Hurricane Bryce Eleanor to arrive shortly.  Much more welcome than Isaac!


  1. This lady has a strong face, and a gorgeous dress, Jennie. Hope Erin weathered Isaac well in BR. It's just a lovely, warm rainy morning here in NW La so far--and a day off work for me.

  2. Your dolls are fantastic. Hope you have no major problems from Issac.

  3. Debra - Thanks!

    Teresa - :) Yes, she has a strong personality to match that face!

    Enjoy your day off! So far the weather has been quite pleasant, not at all what I expected. Hope it lasts.

    Connie - Thanks, Connie. I feel for those who have flooded, but our weather hasn't gotten bad yet. After having been hit by a tornado once, that is the aspect I'm watching with respect.

  4. The doll is AWESOME! I love her. Your talent is really amazing. I love how you've used your own encrusted fabric and everything else.

    I love the gold thimble, too!

    That tree is scary. I hope you are safe from teh storm!

  5. How can you use the word 'finally' in relation to your artwork is beyond me! You are so quick.
    I laughed at the BE vs Isaac comment :)
    Hope all is well with your people through the rest of the winds, rains and storms.

  6. Stephie - Thank you! You are so sweet! Isn't the thimble nice? I have vintage plastic and silver ones and now a gold!

    We haven't even had the heavy rain predicted and are grateful.

    Nancy - :) The doll's body and hands were made last October. She was stuffed, clayed, gessoed, and painted at that time. The fabric for her bodice and skirt was done in November (although, it was for no specific reason), the encrusted piece is one of several I've made in the last 5 months.

    "Finally" really means after nearly a year! How's that for procrastination?

    I really think BE/Isaac is an apt comparison!

  7. haha Jenclair, now I'm really laughing as I had no idea all those bits and parts were done at long ago different times!! What a great slight of hand blogging or my memory skills can be! Hehehee Anyway, she looks grand!

  8. Love seeing all your work as usual-just great!! Hope y'all weathered the storm okay. We just had minor shingle and fence damage. Praying for all those who are still suffering.

  9. Nancy - A lot of the stuff I make for the pleasure of making eventually finds a project that will fit! :)

    suesue - Thanks! I thought about you, and I'm glad to know you escaped much of the damage Isaac caused.

    We were a little worried about heavy wind and rain up here, but all we got were a few gusts and decent rain. We were grateful. Yes, Plaquemine Parish families are still in our thoughts as they deal with the aftermath.

  10. The new doll is just beautiful.
    Love the thimble as well. Very nice present!

  11. Thanks, Francois! I do love my new thimble!


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