Tuesday, July 03, 2012

What a Woman!

You may remember Aimee Mullins as the woman with cheetah legs.  Born without fibula, her legs were amputated when she was a year old.  Nevertheless, this amazing woman went on to play sports, become a model, and an actress.

This amazing TED talk will inspire you.

Remember grey cat when he was fat and sassy? He has continued to visit, but over the last couple of months, he has gotten skinnier and skinnier.  I began feeding him, and at first, he would run off the moment he saw me, but if Edgar got out, he would follow Edgar around like a puppy. Now, he comes semi-regularly, eats, and lies down within a few feet of me when I'm sitting outside.  If I get up, he takes off.  He won't let me get close, but he has certainly gotten over his initial fear.  Sometimes at night, I hear him outside the window.  Like Lucy cat, he is very vocal.  He is painfully skinny and doesn't come to eat every day.


  1. Wonder if the gray kitty is dying, perhaps of leukemia. I surely hope not, but it could be. Poor bubie. Hope he lets in your love.

  2. Poor little feral kitty. Maybe some nice salmon might change his mind about you.

  3. Connie - He seems healthy enough as far as speed goes. He can really move when he feels threatened. If he could tolerate me, I'd like to get him to the vet and check him out--and have him neutered. We aren't there yet, and given his random appearances, may never be.

    Rian - Good idea! If I open a can of tuna, the Triad come running like crazy. It might have the same effect on him!

  4. I hope that his trust of you continues to grow, poor little guy!

  5. The Robinson Low Cost Spay and Neuter Clinic will "fix" feral cats at a reasonable price. No appointment necessary, just capture in Have a Heart Trap and get cat there at 7:30 am. You pick them up the next morning, again around 7:30 am--located on Line at Prospect. This month females are $20, last month males were. Regular fee around $35-$40. We have done more than a dozen fixed, I would guess. I don't know about one in compromised health condition though. We have had one die after we got her done. TES

  6. Valerie - I'm going to try Rian's idea of using tuna to really tempt him!

    Teresa -Can't beat Robinson's! I'll have to get a Have a Heart Trap and wait for his next visit! I didn't think about using a trap; I've just wondered how I'd get him calm enough to let me actually touch him.

  7. @ Jenny--We swear by our Have a Heart Trap. We never get to touch some of our cats but some cats get friendier after their procedure. We also have been known to capture and relocate possums that live under the house and cottage and one raccoon that paid us a visit. The latter are unfriendly critters, the possums are all show in their blustering.

    On Wed, Jul 4, 2012 at 8:28

  8. We have feral cats here, too. They are too wild to attempt to touch. Okay, I'm afraid of getting bitten. The cost of neutering is outrageous, though. I wish we had a place like the one you guys talked about. Good luck with the tuna, Jenclair. Here's hoping it works and that neutering him will calm him some, also.

  9. Teresa - I know I'm talking to an expert here! Who else adds "bring a pillowcase, take home a kitten" to a Mardi Gras invitation!?!

    You and Debbie Sadler are abandoned animal way stations. :)

    Mary - Robinson's is a blessing, even is a still under-used one. It is hard to predict when grey cat will arrive as his comings and goings are unpredictable, but I'm gonna' try the Tuna+Trap method.

  10. I haven't seen her or her videos before. As a special educator, I absolutely love this video. Thank you for sharing! TED is so awesome.


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