Saturday, May 19, 2012

Saturday Thoughts

This has been quite a week.  Our first grand nephew, who weighed in at 1.1 lbs, arrived Wed. afternoon and is holding his own.   They tried to delay his arrival to allow his lungs to develop a little more, but circumstances dictated differently.   Megan didn't get to see him until yesterday afternoon, but mother and child are improving, although Jack will be in NICU for a long time.  What miracles modern medicine can perform!

I've continued working on the white on white for Karen's class.  Here are some of the bits I've been working on.  
 Ruching--used a silk gauze for this section.

 I worked a piece of twine with cotton a broder and added it.

The thing is--you can just keep adding and adding to these blocks.  I've added some little tufts and some cut work (still working on that), some applique, and I keep adding to seam treatments.  I think I have 5 different blocks that I'm working on, moving from one to another.  Will take some more pictures soon.

I have lots of blogs to catch up on since I haven't been on the computer much this week!


  1. Congratulations! Wishing Jack all the best. He must be frighteningly tiny.

  2. Beautiful work. Hoping the baby grows quickly and strongly. Enjoy the weekend. xo

  3. I like the stitches on your blocks. Best wishes for the baby.

  4. Congratulations! Sending wishes for wellness for the little one :)
    Beautiful stitches.

  5. Beautiful pieces.
    I hope the little baby will be fine. Best wishes to his parents too.

  6. Thanks, ladies! Jack has already gained an ounce or two. He is (OMG)So Tiny! Appreciate all of your good wishes!

  7. Sending prayers your way for baby Jack! Beautiful work!

  8. Love the ruching, it looks wonderful!

  9. Carla - Thanks! Your prayers are appreciated, and wee Jack is hanging in there!

    liniecat - Thank you--I used a silk gauze so it is really soft!

  10. Oh my goodness to all. The work is beautiful, and 1.1 lbs! Wow. I am hoping for the best for baby Jack. He must be a real fighter!

  11. Stephie - Baby Jack has "an attitude" - so says my SIL, his grandmother. :)

    He continues to improve, but will be in NICU until his due date which was Aug. 15, not late July as I'd said earlier. The little bugger has a lot of growing to do.


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