Thursday, May 24, 2012

Continuing to work on these blocks.

I've been reading like a maniac again.  Two favorites in the recent batch of mysteries:  As the Crow Flies, a Sheriff Longmire mystery by Craig Johnson  and The First Rule of Ten a mystery about an ex-monk who joined the LAPD and has recently resigned to become a private investigator-- by Gay Hendricks and Tinker Lindsay. Both were great reads. I've just posted a review of  As the Crow Flies on my book blog and The Rule of Ten is scheduled for next week.
Our friend Teresa has been busy for the last few weeks preparing for the Highland Blooms Garden Tour which was held this past weekend.  The Highland area in Shreveport is an older neighborhood with many Craftsman-style homes, and complete with an old-fashioned/quirky/creative atmosphere.  Teresa and Ricky have been active for several years with the Highland Restoration Association for several years, and Teresa is the current president of the association that seeks to restore and revitalize the area.

Since I was unable to attend the Garden Tour, I've enjoyed seeing the pictures Teresa posted on her blog, Views from My Highland Cottage.  Stop by and visit!


  1. I like them too. What is the goal or purpose of the class?

  2. Connie - Thanks! I'm loving going up each evening and deciding what I can add next.

    Debra - I really have no idea! Karen calls her's "wrapping cloths" and her's are a kind of memory cloth relating to her children. Mine? I have no idea. When all the blocks are joined, it might make a small quilt for a new baby.

    Like many of things I make, the cloth is an enjoyable process with no discernible purpose at this point. :p

  3. Your white pieces are coming along beautifully! Enjoy your weekend, Jenclair!

  4. The white on white is so beautiful!

  5. Stephie - I'm beginning to long for a little color!

  6. I love white on white. Do you purchase different shades of white thread? I was amazed at the many variations when I was buying some crewel thread recently. White silk thread is so beautiful. You know so many stitches!


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