Monday, April 02, 2012

New Prayer Flag Finished

Satya - a commitment to truth in our thoughts as well as our speech;  being honest with ourselves and others.  It does not take precedence over ahimsa (non-violence) so being honest or truthful with the intention of being hurtful is wrong.  Ahimsa, the precept of compassion, comes first.  (satya is the second of the yamas as set forth by Patanjali)

Unbleached muslin, beads, various stitches, appliqued leaves.

 I participate in two reading challenges a year on my book blog:  the Once Upon a Time Challenge in the spring and R.I.P. in September & October.   Once Upon a Time is fairy tale, fantasy, folklore, and myth; R.I.P. is gothic, scary, witches, vampires, mansions, murder, or anything suitably Halloween-y.  These challenges provide the perfect opportunity to indulge oneself, and I do.  

If you like to read and enjoy fantasy, fairy tales, etc. check out the Once Upon a Time Challenge.  A lot of the books are fairy tale re-tellings and many are written for young adults, but some of these authors are just good, not matter how old or young you are.  

I'm tired of writing my return address, so I've ordered return address stickers from Moo Cards.  I have some "business" cards that I ordered a couple of years ago, but always forget that I have them.  Oh, yes, and even before that, I had mini cards made from my photos.  Making the cards/stickers is fun, and I always get compliments (when I remember to use them).  This is my first time with the stickers, but I'm looking forward to using them!


  1. I think this is my favorite prayer flag so far. No reason, it's just so lively and gay. (I hate that such a good adjective has been taken and turned into something else.)

    I say, you need a little business card holder for your purse! I carry cards all the time. You never know when you are going to make a new friend.

  2. Very nice, Jenclair! I like the blues with the cream.

  3. Very pretty, Jenclair! I think this blue is my favorite color. I really need to use this word but will have to look up the pronunciation first.

  4. Rian - Thanks, Rian! It is a shame the way this word has lost its original meaning.

    I do carry them, I just forget they are there!

    Suz - Thanks, Suz!

    Mary - That red cabbage produces a nice blue, doesn't it?

    I like that satya, doesn't let truth come before compassion.

  5. Yet another great prayer flag. I love learning about all the words you use, too. I really, really love the bright blue in this one. :-)

  6. Thanks, Stephie! I love the yamas and niyamas; the kind of common sense that means so much.


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