Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Miscellaneous Thoughts

hens and chicks
I've been having trouble keeping up with my blog reading lately.  Of course, I try to visit everyone who leaves a comment and to send a reply to anyone who leaves a comment and isn't a "no reply" blogger, but keeping up with my LONG list of book blogs, craft blogs, quilt blogs, and eco dye blogs is sometimes just too overwhelming.  

Even though I prune my lists fairly regularly, I also continue to add more blogs.  There is simply too much inspiration to keep up with each day; some days, I try to visit a few blogs on each list and to leave a comment when something charms me, but often not even that gets done.  If I weren't so darned nosy, being unable to visit all of the blogs I love each day wouldn't be a problem, but I AM nosy and hate to feel like I'm missing something.

I've also found that between this blog and my book blog, only one takes precedence.  Sometimes one, sometimes the other--but they never get equal time.  Usually, this blog gets the most time because writing the review of the books I read always seems more of a chore. 
Henry Deulberg salvia  (this morning, a hummingbird was worrying the heck out of the salvias)
Each morning, I drink my coffee outside and write a little "to do" list in my journal.  The list always include a mixture of what needs to be done (laundry, vacuuming, groceries, etc.) and what I want to do (try a new embroidery technique, start a new prayer flag, experiment with....).  Guess which items get marked off.

Yesterday, I knocked off one item that has shown up over and over for about two weeks:  Put suitcases on top closet shelf.  For two weeks this task seemed like too much trouble (to get the stepladder and take the very few minutes required to get this done??).  But I finally did it, and my self-congratulations knew no bounds. 

This small success has encouraged me to do some of the other items that I've avoided.    The bill and junk mail drawer is now clean and ready for a fresh accumulation, the laundry has been put away, the check deposited, cat toys retrieved from under the sofa and stashed in little hide-aways for them to search out, holes drilled in the new planter....

I've accomplished several of the past couple of weeks' procrastinated chores, and now, instead of continuing, it is time to rest on my laurels! 
I do not like the new blogger template.  Not at all.  Running through my mind is the old nursery rhyme:  "I do not like thee, Dr. Fell/ The reason why, I cannot tell,/ But this I know, and know full well, I do not like thee, Dr. Fell."


  1. Ditto on the new template...although it's all the same stuff, just rearranged.

    There's a tool I use as much as possible for dealing with too much stuff to do ~ and that is to only handle things once and/or to do something when it first occurs to putting suitcases away, or dealing with junk mail. Just do it, then it's off your plate and you don't have to get back to it later. Saves a lot of time and mental energy.

    Also, re: others' blogs, do you use Google Reader? This helps me a lot to quickly look at everyone's blog I'm following, and in most instances I quickly scroll the post without having to go to the blog (unless I want to leave a comment) and get them read. I do this 2 or 3 times a day, whenever I'm online. At most I've got 12-15 blogs to read and most of those I breeze through quickly, mostly looking at the images.

    Hope that helps some! xo

  2. I hear ya, loud 'n clear. I have two blogs too, my crafty everyday one, and one just as a golf journal. I figure no one in the quilt world is interested in my golf stuff, it's just for me, but sometimes journaling privately is what I'm looking for. Remember that song, "Turn, Turn, Turn" by the Byrds? Well, this appears to be a low season for blogging.

  3. Sometimes it seems there's just to much to keep up with all of it.

  4. I know what you mean. I have trouble keeping up with blogs, too. I try to cull and all that, but it needs cleaning out at times. It feels so good to clean out a drawer or something, doesn't it? good for you

  5. Connie - I KNOW-- handle once and do it now! Why can't I do it? I'm such a procrastinator!

    I do use Google Reader (it really is a great way to breeze through blogs). But I have so many blogs on my various lists that it still takes a while. :) Nosy Parker that I am, I'll read about a technique, then Google that and read tutorials; read a book review, and stop, check it out on Amazon, and put it on my wish list, etc.

    Rian - Right! Journaling privately is a great way to go. I actually have a third blog that I don't publish about yoga. No one else would be interested, but like your golf blog, my yoga blog is important to me.

    Deborah - There is too much with which to keep up, too much to investigate. The internet provides so much wonderful information and takes so much time!

    Stephie - The blessing and curse of access to so much information and inspiration! It does feel good to clean out a drawer and to clear away the clutter, though!

  6. Oh you make me laugh!
    I totally get this. Sometimes...OK lots of times I get so lost in all the information and inspiration that I don't get much done at all! Maybe check out GR's The Happiness Project book/site...she has lots of ways to tackle these kinds of issues! :)

    There ya go, another way to get lost online! Haha

  7. Nancy -- Exactly! I see so much that interests me, can research anything so easily, almost anything that I'm curious about is right at my fingertips. And then...I look at the clock!

    I've been to Rubin's site, but don't keep up with her regularly. I was interested in the other link you sent partly because of the Buddhist aspect...another fascination!

  8. Hi! It's so good to hear from you and you seem so busy too. Keeping up with it all seems harder and harder but you've been working on some new techniques that look so fun and interesting!! I'm hoping to get back to "being nosy"~I miss my online friends. Take care and keep up the good work!

  9. SueSue - Last week was very productive in the cloth department, but this week has been mostly gardening. Very little stitching accomplished!


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