Monday, April 16, 2012

AAQI Quilt Collage

Finished the new AAQI quilt I've been working on, except for the label.  I just began putting items from the odds and ends basket, embroidery scraps, eco dyed scraps, etc. onto a piece of linen that Debra sent me.

The worst and most time consuming aspect was my mistake of using a thick fleece instead of batting.  The needling was difficult, and when I was ready to bind it, I just couldn't face needling through it again.  I usually love applying binding by hand, but not this time.  Thus, a pillow case kind of backing/binding.

I won't make that mistake again.  Other than that, I love using scraps and left overs, the experiments for the fun of it that have no purpose at the time, recycling what didn't work somewhere else, and I had fun with this quilt and all of the running stitches that work as both embroidery and quilting.

Several years ago, I discharged lots of fabric, experimenting with the process, then bundled up all of the smaller scraps.  I made the little "brooch" in the bottom right-hand corner at that time and have kept it on my design board (which is really a place for things I like, but don't know what to do with at the time).  Now that little discharged and embellished piece has a home.

Here is a quilt from 2005 using some of the discharged fabrics.   I made a bunch of post cards from some of the discharged fabric, too.

I now have 3 little quilts ready to register for the Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative.   Maybe one more?

You may have already seen this video, but it's mighty catchy!

If you like cats, you will love this video of Henri. A cat with a serious case of ennui.  I think I'm in love with another cat.  (via Ms Uncertainty Principles)

I have half a dozen projects in the works at the moment and at least a dozen more things I want to try!

Have a great week, y'all!


  1. I especially love that discharge piece! And the video of Henri, which I've seen numerous times over the last few days. My creative fires have started burning again, I've just got to scoot myself along now and not get bogged down with indecision!

  2. Wonderful quilt! I like the first piece, too with all the little bits and pieces. It's nice your brooch has a new home.

  3. Connie - Maybe the fires never burn out, but go to embers waiting for something to fan the flames! Glad to hear you are feeling more of the urge to create.

    I have serious problems with indecision and uncertainty and delay. The cycles come and go.

    Isn't Henri, a hoot?

    Suz - Thanks, Suz! Today, I'd have been into the discharge process, but I'm out of bleach. :) Maybe that's a good thing because any time I use bleach, I ruin what I'm wearing!

  4. You take bits & pieces, add stitches and come up with magic! Love the leftover quilts.
    Cute video, and of course both of Henri's videos are so creative! Love them.

  5. Bits and Pieces is a wonderful way to art quilt! I have both seen a lot of that fleece batt around and been given it to use in charity quilts and while it works with machine quilting and craft projects, it would be a pain to hand stitch through, for sure! It must be cheaper for them to produce now..I have seen some stores with only this kind of batting on the shelves!!

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  7. Love your bits and pieces, you do them up well even with the fleece batt issues! I am seeing that batt everywhere now and its been ok in some of my charity baby quilts and awful in others. With the price of batting now, I take what I am given but some days the extra work is not worth the savings!!!

  8. Nancy - :) I love the Henri videos--he is quite ze charactair!

    It was fun adding various left overs to this quilt; I think it would have been a nice pillow, if I'd stuffed it.

    Anon. Michele - The fleece is a piece that was left over from my design wall, and I should have realized it wasn't going to be the easiest stuff to stitch.

    I don't know why your comment went anonymous...or why your other comment of explanation disappeared!

  9. Michele - We must be commenting at the same time. Now your new comment has appeared!

  10. I really love your first quilt. Wow. I love how you've combined so many little piece of your life into it. Cool!

  11. Stephie - I'm not sure how the collage quilt works "design-wise" but it was entertaining to be able to choose from odds and ends and just include them in quilt!

  12. I love quilting that way - finding two bits or pieces that just go well together, then adding this and that until you have a piece of art! Thanks for sharing your art with the AAQI!

  13. Diane - When I got ready to register the quilts I'd finished, this one was 1/2" too wide, and I couldn't use it for AAQI. But the other two are in the mail!


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