Friday, March 16, 2012

Another Flag Complete

Ho, Ho!  I've finished this week's TAST stitch (whipped wheel) and my prayer flag!  "be still" is a mantra I frequently repeat to myself; it has multiple meanings for me and always seems to calm my mind.
I love the little scribble looking lines that came out in this piece of eco dyed habotai silk.

I used eco dyed scraps again for this one.  And included Cy's wheel, something I had been meaning to try anyway, so this week's TAST stitch was perfect.  I didn't use as many spokes, but I'm going to try more spokes soon because I love the way Cy's wheel looks.

:)  She calls it Age-Activated Attention Deficit Disorder; one of my teacher friends several years ago called it CRS (Can't Remember Sh**).  Diagnosis it as you will, I suffer from this disorder and evidently had early onset.  (via Kinship in Color and Wool)

Actually, I don't always forget, sometimes I just decide that I'd rather read or sew than clean out the pantry, etc.  Still, when I walk into a room and forget why I walked into the room, I'm frustrated.  Do you do that?

After reading Moonwalking with Einstein (I reviewed it here), I am trying to pay more attention to what I do.  So much of my activity is sort of on automatic pilot.  Memory requires effort, and I'm pretty lazy.

It is a lovely Friday here.  Perfect spring-like weather with temperatures expected to reach the 80's again today.  Some part of me is thinking that it is just too warm for the time of year and worrying about an extra long, extra hot summer.

Ah, well, might as well enjoy it.   Have a great weekend!


  1. Hahaha! The world around...

  2. Jenclair- Haha I remember that video!!
    I laughed out loud when you stated "and I'm pretty lazy"...Really??!! With all you do? Lazy??!!! Nah! :)

  3. Another cool prayer flag. Love it.

  4. DebbyMc - It is funny when your recognize yourself, isn't it? I totally recognized my reasoning process.

    Nancy - I hadn't seen the video before, but it hit home! :)

    Oh, I'm lazy, all right. And I'm brilliant at ignoring what I don't want to do!

    Stephie - Thanks, girl!

  5. Lovely flag. I'm with you on the weather thing, wondering if summer will be as hot as last year. I hope not!

  6. Thanks, Connie!

    Yep, I'm really worried about another long, hot summer. Our summers are already too long.

  7. Hi jenclair,
    I had a closer look at your blog today and I can tell you: I like what I see. Your encrusted pieces are gorgeous! And I love your prayer flags.
    Thanks for sharing the CRS-video. Sounds familiar to me.

  8. Raphaela - Thanks! I'm having fun with both these little projects.

    The video is too true for many of us. :)


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