Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Prayer Flag - Learn

 I love orange, and while making Learn, I realized that I had very little floss left of my favorite colors, and I ran out of them pretty quickly.   This must be remedied, and soon, because I love working with these colors.

 I added several attempts at the Cretan stitch...along with the buttonhole and fly stitches.

Most of us are learning every day in one way or another.  (I should also use curiosity as a word choice since, after completion of formal schooling, curiosity is what engenders much of what we learn.)

We learn about things that interest us, we learn odd facts and interesting information from reading, we learn by listening and observing.

What we learn often improves our lives and our attitudes.  When we are truly interested, the learning process is a pleasure, a means to an end, and an end in itself.  We can learn about ourselves and others, about ideas, about new ways of doing things, about possibilities, about the past and about the future.

We learn from challenges like TAST 2012; we learn new stitches and new variations of familiar stitches, we learn about participants and their projects.  We expand our horizons.

I love learning!  This prayer flag represents a whisper of a prayer to continue learning, alone or with others, by accident or by concentrated study.

Sublime Stitching offers these labels, which are amusing and oh, so true!

Hours and hours of work can often look so simple. Sometimes we need to remind ourselves just how much time was involved in our creations.

Some crafts are extremely time intensive...quilting and embroidering are two that, if the value were calculated by minimum wage alone, the price would be beyond the reach of most.

That there is pleasure in the work is what ensures that some traditional crafts are carried on in the handmade world --when mass produced items are often beautiful, as well as so much faster and cheaper.

Pleasure in the process.  I keep moving from one prayer flag to another, enjoying the process of the stitching.  Sometimes in silence, sometimes listening to music, and sometimes watching Netflix, I retreat to needle and thread, and time flows by unnoticed.

This week's TAST stitch is the herringbone stitch.  I will be adding it to a prayer flag soon.

The Prayer Flag Project.  TAST (Take a Stitch Tuesday).


  1. Another lovely prayer flag! I love Orange too! It's the color of the Svadisthana Chakra: Sensing and feeling. Better hurry out and buy more floss!

  2. This looks great! Do you have a general idea for stitch placement before you start or do you just add as you go? Just wondering.

  3. Rian -- I had not thought of that, but I have been planning to use Patanjali's yamas on some of the flags. Beginning with ahimsa--nonviolence. Now, I'll be thinking about the chakras, too!

    Nancy -- I've just started stitching and filled space up to now. I might draw something with a water soluble pen as I did with this one, but I only draw one element at a time, stitch it, then move on. I should try to do an organized design, but that takes more concentration than I usually have.

  4. More loveliness! I don't know if you "should try to do a more organized design." What you are doing is working well, I think.

    Those labels are awesome. I should get some of those!

  5. Orange is one of my favourite colours, too ... I'm sure the warmth of it feeds my creativity :-)

    I love your stitching ... those little paisleys are just wonderful, and a great message in the prayer flag, too.

    Lucy x

  6. Oooh this one ticks a lot of boxes =-) Orange(!), learning, paisleys, the rose, the rainbow-like arc...Very nice! =-) I went to a yarn shop today. Just about every skein I pulled closer was deep orange...I only bought needles, however, since I'm trying hard to knit up what I have in the house...

  7. Stephie- Thanks! I'd like to have a little more of an idea before beginning some of the flags, then just fill in. But it is so satisfying to begin stitching and see where it takes me.

    Gotta love those labels!

    Magpies Laundry - It is funny that Rian mentioned the sacral Chakra which is represented by orange and is associated with creativity. Thanks for the nice comment and for stopping by!

    Debby -- Well, you know I was thinking of you when I mentioned the love of orange!

    You didn't get any yarn? All those lovely shades of orange, and you only bought needles? I'm impressed at your will power, Debby!

  8. Wonderful...I like the colour and I ike the Rose in the middle! So cute!

  9. Jenclair, how beautiful this flag turned out!! Wonderful job!!

  10. Apprendre est le plus beau mot que l'on peut connaître. Merci pour ces drapeaux de prière tous plus beaux les uns que les autres chaque semaine. Merci de partager.

  11. Sherri-- You can tell I'm having fun with these flags, can't you? Thank, Sherri!

    Nathalie --Merci, Nathalie. J'aime apprendre que les nouvelles choses et l'Internet donne l'occasion parfaite. Je dois apprendre comment mettre un traducteur sur mon blog. :)

  12. Your orange Learn prayer flag looks wonderful!! Very nice design and stitching :)

  13. Thanks, Jeannette! I do love orange!


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