Tuesday, January 10, 2012

TAST Week 2 -- Button hole stitch

The 2nd stitch in the TAST Challenge is the buttonhole stitch.  I started experimenting last night, filling in as much of the first prayer flag as possible.  The button hole stitch is another simple stitch with numerous possibilities.  I've used it quite a lot in the past, both as edging and as filler.  Like the fly stitch, the button hole stitch will appear on many of the prayer flags because of its versatility and because I enjoy the simplicity of stitching the button hole.

One or two of the variations can prove more difficult, or perhaps I should say, slower (the knotted button hole and the detached filler), but mostly it is easy to get variety from the most basic form of the stitch.  I've included regular button hole, crossed, closed, knotted, alternating, wheel, detached filling, and detached twisted bar.  Further research is revealing even more variations.  Should be interesting to see what interesting versions will emerge from other TAST participants.  (Later -- I've been checking on the TAST Facebook page and finding lots of interesting variations and variations on variations!)

Still raining off and on here.  Of course, we really need the rain, but it also gives me a great excuse to avoid going out and running errands.  Time for another cup of tea, then I'll get back to the laundry.

I managed to get several chores done, and supper is left-overs, so I have time to go upstairs and play this evening!


  1. I love so much the colors you've choosed...! Nice work!

  2. I like your work with multicolor thread.. my english is bad, sorry, but thank you, thank you for the share, et for your travel on my blog.

  3. Ty.Jecyka - Thanks! I'm enjoying the TAST challenge!

    Nathalie - Thanks, Nathalie-- I'm learning a lot about stitch variety!

  4. beautiful. I like the colours too.

  5. jizee -- Thanks! And I love your blog which is giving me so many ideas!


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