Thursday, January 05, 2012

Still Working on Prayer Flag #1

I've used several stitches so far on my first prayer flag; lots of fly stitching, but several other stitches for the text and the leaf.  I would like to include at least two TAST stitches per flag, so I need to save room for the next announced stitch.

I ordered some linen thread and some Aubusson embroidery wool from Hedgehog Handworks.  I've never used either, but can't wait to try, and to make threading a bit easier-- especially for beading needles--I couldn't resist the brass threader!

A word about Hedgehog--I ordered on Tuesday, and it arrived today!  Also, I got a call Tuesday after placing my order, and the nicest person informed me that one of the colors I ordered was temporarily out of stock.  She suggested a substitution, and I agreed.  Don't you love friendly, courteous, thoughtful, and prompt service?


  1. That's gonna be the prettiest prayer flag in the whole wide world! (Very creative idea to do prayer flags, BTW)

  2. Rian - Thanks, Rian! Can't wait to have enough prayer flags to begin hanging them outside!


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