Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Prayer Flags, AAQI, and a Give Away

Some other prayer flags that have been getting some attention and awaiting new TAST  stitchery magic:

I'm just playing with them right now, but will add weekly stitches as we move along.

I was able to get two more Alzheimer's Art Quilts on the latest auction.  I have an idea for using these and will fill you in later if the idea is successful.  Here are my latest purchases:
Forgotten Places donated to AAQI by Brenda Krause, Sandra Spicer, and Nadine Bird
Strength of Heart - donated by Erin Martin

My thanks to the ladies who made and donated these quilts to the auction!
 And thank you to Ami Simms and her team of volunteers for the efforts they put into raising money  for AD research.

I'm proud of my latest acquisitions and am hoping that my idea will give them a suitable setting.  However, I also need to put aside some current projects and get to work making some more quilts of my own to donate.
Visit  Victorian Motto Sampler for a chance to win beautiful hand dyed embroidery floss!  If you drop by, please mention my name/blog so I can get an extra chance at winning.  The same will work for you, too, so spread the word.

Have a great day, y'all!


  1. Those floss colors are so rich! On my way there...

  2. Love that your eco dying is doing so much better than most of mine ;) And super love that you purchased these two fine AAQI quilts. Will love knowing where and how they end up. Do send a little note to the makers if there page came with and addy, you'll have two new friends for life...and make their me! super quilts!!

  3. Nancy - Aren't the colors pretty? Good luck to both of us on this give away!

    Michele - Don't you love the quilts? I'll check to see if there is an addy for them and send a note. Thanks for the tip, Michele!

  4. You've been so busy! It seems forever since I've visited and I love your new prayer flag project. The freedom in the creation is as lovely as your "ugly" dolls. It really looks like y'all had a lovely Christmas as well.

    Glad everyone is healthy and happy! The new year always gives me hope too that I may organize things a little more. As I told my friend, so what if I never finish? I keep starting and that has to count for something! I'm just trying to keep up with birthdays and holidays and kids. I do hope to have more time to just play with some new ideas. I have been knitting and crocheting again which I love doing.

    Take care, looking forward to seeing your flags, quilts and dolls progress! Happy New Year!!

  5. suesue - I agree completely about never finishing! Starting counts! I love the knitted cap -- adorable. Your knitting and crocheting will be something I'll be watching. :)

  6. Love the prayer flags! I signed up for the floss giveaway and used your name! Just the motivation I need to add some more hand stitching on my Priority Quilts for the AAQI. I love Laura Wasiloski's work and need to take the time to stitch! Thanks for buying AAQI quilts - you got two gems!

  7. Diane - Thanks! Aren't the hand-dyed flosses lovely? Thanks for using my name. I love the two quilts I got in the Jan. auction!


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