Saturday, January 28, 2012

Prayer Flag - Grace

"Grace" in early morning sun, still all wrinkled up from being in hoop and crushed in hands when working without the hoop.
Pressed, although still a little wrinkly.  Eco dyed scrap of flour sacking, very coarse, and not a particularly graceful cloth.  I notice now that the "flower" is still pinned on, not sewn.
Chosen from my list of word possibilities, "grace" has so many meanings:

-elegance of movement, form, expression, or proportion
-a short prayer
-the condition of being favored or sanctified by God
-to add elegance and beauty to
-to honor or favor
-to make more attractive by adding ornament, color, etc.
-poise, ease

from the Latin gratia - favor, pleasing, charm

The word even sounds pleasing and grace-ful.  One of my favorite poems by Yeats has the line, "How many loved your moments of glad grace" which I think is such a lovely image.  "Glad grace," now I'm wishing I'd used that phrase on the flag.  I think of "glad grace" when I look at my grandchildren.

And I love this quote:  "Laughter is the closest thing to the grace of God." --Karl Barth
I think I'm going to use this on a "laughter" prayer flag...if I can fit it in.  Maybe I'll print some quotes on fabric, then add them to the flags.

This week's TAST stitch was the Cretan stitch, and I only got a few examples in this flag, partly because it was awkward.  I've continued to practice and have improved a little, but find that the creative variations of others are still beyond my reach.

TAST and Tuesday Stitchers and  Prayer Flag Project

Next to my reading chair (and in all of my other reading stations)

-1Q84 -- up to page 700 something.  Kay, did you ever finish?
-A Place of Secrets by Rachel Hore
-Mary Gostelow's Embroidery Book (just got this in the mail from Amazon used books)
-The Dyer's Hand by W.H. Auden
-Bring Me One of Everything by Leslie Hall Pinder


  1. The point is that you are reaching at all =-) And I think your work is lovely, always intriguing and beautifully organic. You put so much of yourself into it and it shows us who you are. Grace is such a good, an important word...

  2. It was fun to take a sneak peek at some more of your flags. They are all wonderful! Thanks, too, for the link to Vanessa...gotta check out her knitting. That mouse is very cute! Also enjoyed the guerilla art as we've had a bit of yarnbombing here (some photos from summer on my blog..) Am very impressed that you have time to read as well as stitch!

  3. Debby - Oh, I'm always reaching! I don't always reach the top, but can often climb up to the next step. :)

    Judy - I really enjoyed Vanessa's multiple interests! I'll check on your blog's photos of yarnbombing. Love those guerrillas!

  4. Oh Jenclair, it's so lovely. I like that you titled it "Grace." So perfect. Keep reaching!

  5. Rian -- Thanks! Obviously, I've gotten caught up in this stitching. I don't think they have a "patch" for this addiction...if they did, I'd probably add it to a flag. :)

  6. What a beautiful little prayer quilt, and the name is really perfect. Sorry I've missed some posts, I'll go back and catch up. I've been in New Orleans at the Ricky Tims Seminar. What fun I've had! Love the stitches in this quilt, they play so well together!

  7. Thanks, Mary! I'm so envious of your Ricky Tims Seminar! He always seems so engaging, and his quilts are wonderful. So glad you've had a great experience!

  8. This is very cool! I think I would like to have a play date with you, too (in addition to my art group!)!

  9. Mama Pea - I wish I had someone to have a play date with! You are so lucky to have such a great group!

  10. That is just lovely. And what a great name...

  11. I love so much your Prayer Flag!!! I'm thinking about stitch one (the first)...some of my frenchies contacts through the TAST maked one and that tempts me...
    Great inspiration! Thank you!

  12. Yarny Days - Thank you!

    Karine - Yes, I think you mean Nathalie--her prayer flag is beautiful! Thanks for the nice comment!

  13. This is gorgeous!! I love the fact that you used fabric that you called not particularly graceful.. In it's organic state, I think that it holds so much grace over other choices that could have been used.. and the stitching - oh, I am envious of that talent!

  14. Loralei -- What a sweet comment! Thank you!


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