Friday, December 30, 2011

She's Got Trousers

Autumn has trousers!  About time, you say?  I agree.  She was having way too much fun running around in her tights.
I finally told her the tights-only business was over, and she was very accommodating; she slipped on the trousers and modeled them.  She does love a photo shoot.

This morning, my plans for TAST (Take a Stitch Tuesday) have undergone a transformation.  Yesterday, I mentioned that a vague idea was floating around in my head.  Well, that possibility has gradually become more intriguing.  As the thought gained emphasis in my imagination, I jotted down some notes.

:) I know that TAST is almost here, and I do plan to keep up with my little 4 x 4" and 5 x 5" linen squares, but will let them remain mostly kantha stitching.  Today, I'm going to make a few more decisions about my new idea.  A little experimentation and maybe some prep work...if I still like it, I'll post more tomorrow.

In the Tuesday Stitchers group, almost everyone else has had more definite ideas and many have already done a LOT of prep.  Many are doing the crazy quilt project in conjunction with TAST.

 However, there is a definite difference in my style and quilting abilities, and I've been a bit intimidated by the size and complexity of some of the projects.

My preferences are not very sophisticated; I'm not as skilled, nor am I a good pre-planner, most of my projects evolve pretty spontaneously.  I like raw edges and primitive stuff, and I'm irresistibly drawn to Janet Bolton and Jude's styles.

janet bolton
jude hill - spirit cloth

 I will have to work within my own parameters and sensibilities.  And even though I admire (adore is not too strong) both Bolton's and Jude's styles, I can only take inspiration from them, not imitate them (although I wish I could!)...and maybe I will try some imitation.

At any rate, what I have in mind will definitely draw on the above styles and many others, but will remain relatively simple and primitive, allowing a great deal of leeway and experimentation and still help me practice more elaborate stitches.

1) I have to keep things simple, and
2) accept that I really just want to improve my embroidery skills, not create a piece of art.

The kantha stitching 4x4's will remain my comfort stitching projects because I can work on them and catch up with some television and Netflix.  Love being able to do that because I can't seem to watch television without handwork.

Now, I have errands to run before I can come home and start playing.

Have a great Friday, y'all!


  1. I love Autumn -- especially her hair! Have a lovely New Year!

  2. Jenclair- Your gals always have so much personality! I will watch to see how your new idea evolves...

  3. Autumn is very dashing in her new trousers!
    It sounds as though you know your wishes for TAST. I'll be interested in watching this develop.

  4. Connie Rose - Thanks! And a Happy New Year to you, too!

    Nancy - Thanks, Nancy! I've been thinking and working on my new idea (Prayer Flags) this afternoon--will have to see how the TAST challenge works on them. Fingers crossed. :)

  5. Suz - :) She does look a bit dashing in her trousers, much better with those knobby knees covered!

    Now, I finally feel like have a real project in mind for TAST. I've been talking about wanting to make Prayer Flags for some time, and now the two things can be combined. I feel better about moving forward now!

  6. Adorable - my alter ego!!

  7. Just fabulous. I have a headless doll sitting on my sewing table but he is not nearly as lovely as Autumn. I love art dolls as much as quilts.

  8. Prayer Flags are a splendid idea!!

  9. Gerrie- :) Like you, Gerrie, she has her arms open to embrace life!

    Deborah - Thanks! I love both, too, Deborah. Lots of fun working on both!

    Debra - I'm so glad you think so! I'm happier with this idea.

  10. I took your advice and read this post, being directed here from today's post. Autumn is lovely and exuberant.

    1. You must have clicked one of those pics at the bottom of the post to get here. Ha! I can hardly believe that Take a Stitch Tuesday was so long ago. And Autumn--I made her in 2011? Doesn't seem so long ago. Time flies is no longer a metaphor!


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