Friday, December 09, 2011


OK - my visit to the eye doctor determined that I have PVD, a separation of the vitreous humour from the retina, but no tears, so no immediate fear of retinal detachment.  Very common in individuals of a certain age, particularly women.  The doctor also mentioned developing glaucoma.  He didn't prescribe any medication, but I need to see him again in six weeks. 

My feelings about this are divided between "Oh, crap!" and "Boy, I'm glad it isn't worse!"  I was aware that my distance vision (something I never even had until lasik surgery a few years ago) wasn't as good as it should be because reading road signs has become more difficult. 

 All in all?  Definite relief that there is no retinal detachment and that the doctor didn't seem that concerned about the glaucoma.  I'm glad to have that out of the way, since I've worried all week.

Snippets in the studio.  Ready to apply binding to a little quilt...

and pondering what to do with another eco print.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Hmmm! I think I might have the same problem. I have an appointment scheduled with the ophthalmologist right after Christmas. Funny spots in my vision. And my distance vision isn't what it used to be. Oh--and I definitely can't see anything closer than 4 feet! I have a pair of readers in every room!

  2. Jenclair, I'm really glad the diagnosis wasn't worse! I'm sorry it turned out to be anything though. Take care and enjoy making your quilt!

  3. Sending positive thoughts and many blessings. I must say your close up vision for doing hand work must be excellent (or you own a set of magnifiers) since all of your work is totally magnificent! May your vision stay that way in all respects.

  4. Rian - If you are seeing flashes of light in addition to the unusual spots, you might need to let the ophthalmologist know. When I called for my appointment, the earliest date was Jan. 23. I asked if I should be concerned about the filmy spots and light flashes, and the receptionist said they'd see me the next day.

    Sherri - Thanks, Sherri!

    Michele - I can't even check my watch without my readers, but those blessed specs work great! I just have to let my eyes rest more frequently now. :)

  5. Very happy your eyesight report was positive. Impaired vision is not something I would deal well with.

  6. So glad the diagnosis wasn't as serious as you feared. We stitchers want to see all that eye candy! My mom had glaucoma, as does my sis.

  7. Suz - I'm not finding the filmy floaty things from the PVD as much of a distraction. The kind of glaucoma and how early you catch it seems to be important, so I'm glad we caught it early!


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