Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Monday Adventures

More presents wrapped.  I think that takes care of that category.  A roll of wrapping paper will  actually survive for next year's use.

When Bryce Eleanor arrived yesterday morning, she came bearing a gift.  She didn't seem certain about who it was for, and Chris explained that there weren't any presents under their tree.  They have a train under their tree and gifts will all be in Colorado; Bryce Eleanor wanted a gift, so Chris told Amelia to just "wrap something."

This turned out to be a great idea as B.E.  was totally happy with the "gift."  After Chris left, she wanted to open it, so she happily ripped the paper from the box.  Amelia had wrapped a box of blueberry muffins...and B.E. and I had breakfast!

Later, she wanted some crackers for her snack and got herself all comfortable to watch Thomas and Friends.

There was plenty of cavorting yesterday.  Pretending to be a cat, playing tag and follow the leader, working puzzles, gathering holly berries, cleaning leaves out of the pond, making a tent, and generally keeping busy.
Some things she liked:

Tiny Tim-- from a page in an old magazine that had been placed in a frame.  I bought it at a flea market years ago and enjoy his presence each year.

And a little greenery and some appreciation of nature, around the house.  Especially birds.

Outside, we discovered 3 bird nests, two in the arbor and one in a tall shrub.

She will be back shortly for another day of play.  Maybe we will make some banana bread.


  1. B.E. is so cute!! She looks like she has grown since the last pictures I saw of her. Love all your decorations!!

  2. Sounds like you enjoyed a lovely day together.

  3. She is positively adorable! Have a wonderful Christmas!

  4. Sherri - She just turned 4 on Dec. 11, so she automatically looks bigger. :) Hope you are feeling better and that you have the chance to enjoy little Owen this Christmas.

    Suz - We did have a lovely day. She has a great imagination and unbelievable energy!

    Judy - Thanks, Judy!


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