Thursday, December 01, 2011


I've worked on the studio. And worked.  Shuffled and purged and moved stuff to the attic.  Worked all morning yesterday and began to see the difference.  Still a long way to go, but definitely improvement.

Started this little 4 x 4 linen square on Tuesday and finished it up yesterday morning.  This may be the size I work with for the TAST Challenge. The Tuesday Stitchers are all contemplating or finalizing their ideas.

Also  spent more time stitching on some of the eco dyed and/or eco printed fabrics.  I've backed all of these with muslin and pieced the smallest scraps together.  Still don't know exactly where these are going,  but I love working on them.  They have a tattered, aged, vintage look because of the natural dyes and raw edges .

I love the striated marks left from the strings and yarn used to bundle or wrap the pieces.

The work is back on for the laundry room.  It stopped when we went to North Carolina and then for Thanksgiving week, but the guys are back and busy.  In the meantime, no washing machine or dryer, but when it is finished, I'll have more room, a built-in ironing board, and shelf for folding clothes!

I also had them put in a big sink upstairs in the studio because the closet up there is where the hot water heater is.  They did this before the work stopped in November, and I've not actually used it much so far, but I will.

Back to organizing and re-arranging upstairs.  Trying to decide on a layout that works for sewing, crafting, sculpting with clay, mixed media, felting, etc., that provides storage for the items required for each,  and that avoids interfering with the doors to the attic, the closet with the sink, and the door from the stairs.  And what needs to have access to electrical outlets.

I have to do everything in that room, including yoga, so sometimes when I think I've got it worked out, a snag appears.  When I finish, if I ever finish, I'll have to re-organize the tiny attic space I have access to.

:)  Have a great day, ya'll!


  1. Love the earthy, aged look of the fabrics. Nice stitching, too.

  2. I love the textures and colors. Lovely!

    Have you tried arranging the room on graph paper? I make size appropriate cutouts of the furnishings and arrange them on the paper before moving anything. Works for me...

  3. I swear I just LOVE every single thing you make and do. This is just gorgeous!

  4. LOVE the little 4x4 jewel. I could get lost in it, like wandering some beautiful, peaceful, autumnal hills.

  5. Suz - Thanks! Sometimes I want vibrant color, but right now the earthy tones are so satisfying.

    Rian - Oh, wouldn't graph paper be the logical thing! Thanks Rian, I tend to forget about logic. :0

    Michele - You are too sweet! I'm having fun with these new possibilities. :) I'm just now thinking about your post about being careful entering your home and all of the projects you've created over the years!

  6. Debby - I'm really going autumn, aren't I? Next will be the greys, blacks, and whites of winter.
    Or else red, green, and white for Christmas!

  7. Your current stitches are beautiful. You and arlee are the cleanin' up-n-out gals!

  8. Lovely eco-dyeing.
    Looking forward to the TAST challenge, once I get my stumpwork certificate finished!!

  9. Nancy - Ran out of steam yesterday. Deciding what should stay and what should go is draining.
    I'll be fresh this morning for more decisions. :)

    Aussie Jo - Good for you on the certificate. Worth the time and effort, I'm sure! You will be well prepared for TAST.

  10. love what you are stitching!!


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