Saturday, November 19, 2011

Saturday Thoughts

I haven't been online as much for the last couple of weeks.  I've missed a lot of blog posts by my favorite bloggers because I just check in occasionally, and then I'm overwhelmed with the number of posts in all  my areas of interest.

I've been experimenting with eco dyeing...with less than outstanding results.  All the pre-mordant, co-mordant, and post-mordant possibilities make the outcomes so variable, and I'm not keeping up with the details very well.  The cranberry dye came out with a purple flavor to it, especially on muslin.  The leaf and bark dye was also pink, but with less blue.  The silk takes up any dye with much greater intensity than does the muslin.
I didn't take pictures of my first two dye pots, but above is when I tried turmeric.  Maybe added a bit much turmeric, but definitely a yellow dye.  You can see a pinkish batch from leaves and bark in the background of lower right photo.

My eco prints haven't been very successful at all, but I'll continue trying.  And take better notes of what I'm doing.

India Flint's Eco Colour has been read cover to cover and  perused frequently (often without my full understanding), but each time I return to it, my thoughts are a little clearer.  Her blog (not all those who wander are lost) is also inspiring.

Since I'm only using small strips or squares, I don't mind the mistakes too much.  I'm piecing together a tiny quilt of dyed and embroidered scraps.  Taking some tips from Jude of Spirit Cloth-- I've been admiring her work and reading her blog for several years now.  Her free and spontaneous style suits me since I'm not too good at following directions or patterns and love using embroidery (moodling) as a meditative process.

Embroidering these pieces and checking on my dye pots has kept me busy in a pleasant way.

I finished watching Everwood while working on some of these.  I enjoyed this series and didn't see it while it was running. 

A little more work on the dolls has taken place, too, but I'm sorry to say they have been neglected for the most part.

Hope everyone is having a great pre-Thanksgiving Weekend!


  1. I'm not experienced with fabric dying much other than many years ago with some curtains & such.

    Everwood is my #1 all-time favorite TV series, ever. I love it and wish it hadn't ended after only four seasons. I bought all four on DVD so I can enjoy it any time I wish.

    Have a happy thanksgiving. :)

  2. I ordered some things a couple of years ago for dyeing fabric, but worried about disposing of the waste. Natural or eco-dyeing uses plant material and non-toxic mordants like vinegar, soy milk, egg white, etc. So I don't have be concerned about disposal.

    I loved Everwood, too. Hated to see it end! It was fun watching the Netflix DVD's and having little Everwood marathons while I made and stuffed dolls and stitched on other projects. I especially loved Tom Amandes as Harold!

  3. Sounds like you are keeping busy! I think everyone is not blogging/reading as much lately, I haven't either. I see a lot of activity on Facebook though.

  4. Rian - Mmmm, busy, but not really successful. Maybe I'm learning something, maybe not. Can't tell yet. :)

    A busy time of year for everyone. Seems like there are often slow cycles until after Christmas. A flurry of posts and pictures, then nothing for a while as people deal with the holidays. Then a repeat.


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