Saturday, October 01, 2011

I've Got Company

Bryce Eleanor is here, and we've watered flowers, had a popsicle, and finger painted!  

We have more plans in the works, but we move on her agenda.

A little while ago, she asked me if I'd read her a book, and before I could answer, she said, "Say:  Yes, I'd love to!"

 Which I did say--with all the emphasis she indicated--as soon as I quit giggling.

She also told me that "stupid" was a bad word, and I agreed that we shouldn't call anyone stupid.  Then she stuck her head under the covers.  When she reappeared, she said, "But I can say it under the covers."  Hmmm...maybe if we all waited until we were under the covers to say something mean, the world would get along better.


  1. I miss having a child this age in my life!

  2. She's so cute! And very wise. :-)

  3. I am absolutely certain their innocence helped draw Christ to the little children. Isn't it wonderful to see the world again through the eyes of a grandchild?

  4. Gerrie - It is a great age, just transitioning from toddler to little person. Lots of fun!

    Nancy - She's a happy kid. She will entertain herself and make you want to be included!

    Francoise - Sometimes little ones can really get down to essentials, can't they?

    Mary - Yes, it is wonderful! Absolutely!

  5. Aaaaahh, I love this post! She's a doll.

  6. What a wonderful day you had!! I love children!!

  7. So much fun to be had with the grands! Mine are coming over after the Saints game to play. It's such a gorgeous day so I'm sure we'll be outside. Loving the dolls, especially Boo. I love Halloween and have been decorating the house before Katie has her baby do it'll be done. Also going through the attic, so much stuff... The town is having a townwide garage sale next Saturday so I need to get rid of things. Hopefully after that I can get busy sewing and playing again!!

  8. Connie - She certainly keeps me smiling!

    Sherri - Saturday and Sunday were great, and we had such a good time. Owen will make a perfect companion for you--it is amazing how fast they grow!

    Suesue - The weather has been perfect, hasn't it? B.E. and I played in the garden and took a long walk, picking up as many acorns as her pockets would hold.

    Hope you had fun with your grands!

    Debra - Will do!


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