Wednesday, October 19, 2011

In the Mail and Miscellaneous

I ordered some fingerless gloves from Infinity Threads on Etsy, and they arrived yesterday.  The gloves are really beautiful (love the ruffle and the button embellishment), and I'm so pleased with them.  Marie had just opened her shop, and I was her first customer, so she added a lovely flower pin as lagniappe.

Now, I'm from Louisiana, and I just love a little lagniappe!  It was a generous gesture and duly appreciated for both the generosity and the beauty of the flower pin.  Thanks, Marie!

I'm still working on the little witch and another cloth and clay doll.  They are coming along-- a little slowly as I try to imagine what they will wear.  Fabric is strewn from here to eternity.  Vintage handkerchiefs and laces have been auditioned. for one, Halloween fabric for the other.  The floor, the ironing board, chairs, table are all covered in some crafting material. I must clean up to be able to get anything done.

My list for today includes:

clean studio (at least enough that I can think and work)
dust and vacuum the rest of the house
review at least one of the 8 books in the "to be reviewed" pile
work on dressing dolls

There are a lot of other things to be done, but I can't even think about them until having a go at the above 4!

Have a great day!


  1. Oh my gosh,Jenclair! Lagniappe magnified, I'm flabbergasted!! I've been doing my thing for a long time but, always on the side. As a new full-time business endeavor, the good word of mouth and awesome free publicity are greatly appreciated.
    I got lost in you blog page for a while looking at your amazing dolls - beautiful beyond words! Do you sell these lovelies online? Please let me know where I can find them if so.
    Tickled pink and grinning from ear to ear knowing such lovely and talented (and VERY busy) hands will be wearing my gloves! xoxo

  2. Marie - I wish you the best in your new Etsy endeavor! Your beautiful gloves will bring me much pleasure, and I hope others will discover your shop.

    Thanks for the kind remarks about my dolls. I don't sell them at present; I'm still learning and experimenting. Maybe someday, I'll open my own Etsy shop, but right now...too lazy!


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