Wednesday, October 12, 2011

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My, little kitten, what big eyes you have.

Bryce Eleanor went to a Pumpkin Patch and Corn Maze last weekend.  Courageous little beggar!

She's not even four yet; next thing I know she'll be sky diving.  She evidently liked the corn bin, too.

I bought some ornamental cabbage, kale, heuchera, cordylene, violas, etc. and have been filling planters this morning.

We are getting a little rain--praying it lasts all day!

My review of The Devil's Puzzle (A Someday Quilts Mystery) is on my book blog.  I will be looking for the previous quilting mysteries by O'Donohue.  I read one of Jennifer Chiaverini's quilting mysteries several years ago, but it didn't really hold my interest.  The Devil's Puzzle was fun.


  1. She is so lovely. We got a bit of rain too, not a lot, but looks like more is on its way. We need it also.

  2. Fearless! Looks like fun-always loved the swings myself!

  3. Connie - The rain only lasted about 20 minutes. I know I should be grateful for any rain at all, but I was so hoping for more!

    Debra - The barn swing was two stories high, but she wanted to go again!

  4. My oldest granddaughter is so much more fearless than my grandson! It sure looks like she had fun. Love Bitter and Boo, especially his extra stitches and the witch hat fabric. I'll have to check out that quilt mystery too. Thanks for stopping by and visiting! suesue


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