Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Spreading Out Again

Remember that I said I wanted to make some pumpkins like those of Frugalicious Me?  Well, night before last, after working on the newest doll, I got out my burlap and my Halloween fabrics to do a little crafting and decided to try the pumpkins.  I even had one stem of the light lime hydrangea, artificial.  I think Frugalicious used dried hydrangeas which would be much, much better, but using what I have works for me (until I can find some dried hydrangea blossoms).

Yesterday morning I went upstairs to do my yoga sadhana, and found this---
No room for my yoga mat!  Time to clean up again.  Well, as soon as I finish with the burlap.  Right now, it just gets piled out of the way.  The cardboard box is where I sand dolls, etc.  I need more burlap.

A trip to Michael's and/or JoAnn's is definitely on the agenda.

I've been putting things away and making room for Fall/Halloween stuff.  My decorating is limited because of The Triad, who manage to leap onto almost any surface, scattering (and sometimes chewing) whatever is there.

 I need to get in the attic space and straighten up so I can store things in a more organized manner.  You can see the attic door in the first photo.  All the Spring/Summer stuff has to be put away.

The new doll is coming along.  I have some decisions to make about the kind of cage I want for her body, so she may remain in the jar for a while.


  1. Somehow I just love these gals in their jars!!!

  2. Thanks, Nancy! The jars are so helpful!

  3. :)))) I first thought oh, my, a baby went in there and 'fixed' everything.

    Then I read more and realised, well, wait, my crafty room looks much worse 10 min after I start working :)))

  4. diana - :) Mine often looks much worse! I do try to keep my yoga mat space clear, but sometimes it simply doesn't work.


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