Monday, July 18, 2011

This and That

One of the blogs I enjoy reading is The Bloggess, an often crude, but hilariously funny blog.  I love her post "Why You Should Pick Your Battles" and the video of her talk at EVO. Well...maybe most (if not all) of her posts are crude.  So there is your warning: I am an old gal who gets a kick out of a certain kind of crudeness, but you may not be.

This beautiful picture is from Curbly, and she tells you how (very ;p simply) to make these glowing firefly jars.  Our family has a special attachment to fireflies, especially the grandkids.  (via Craft Gossip)

We finally gave in and got a yard man to mow and edge and generally keep up with the pruning, etc.  He and his crew came this morning and did a fantastic job!  Now all the beds have their pine straw covering and things are neat and trim again.  And I didn't sweat at all during the process!


  1. I'm not truly into crude, but I am into those jars ---- NEAT looking! I love fireflies. :)

  2. I agree that Jenny is crude, but taken in small amount, I can handle her. She's just so far from center, you know?

    The jars, however are perfect for fireflies. We haven't caught any in forever--the boys are so grown up now that their children will soon be chasing them--but it would be good to have one or two jars waiting for that day!

  3. Connie - Some of her stuff IS too raunchy for me, but some I just find laugh-out-loud funny.

    I do love those jars! The picture is so beautiful.

    Mary - I love the chicken post, but, yes, some of her stuff goes too far for me. What impresses is me is that in spite or rheumatoid arthritis, anxiety disorder, and depression...she works so hard at being, as she says, "furiously happy."

    Having dealt with depression and generalized anxiety disorder myself, I am so grateful to be happy and content after years with long periods of making everyone, including myself, miserable.

    What makes her "furiously happy," I find funny just because of the way she writes about it. :)


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