Monday, July 25, 2011

Max Is Five

Erin struggles to get a moving Max into his costume.
We drove down to Baton Rouge on Saturday for Max's birthday party.  The theme was Batman and there were a lot of little Bat Men running around.  He had a great time!  Eric and Katarina had made a Bat Man bingo game with  various Bat Man images, including one of Max in Bat Man costume: I wish I'd thought to ask for a copy of one of the little bingo boards. 
Max had a great time, and so did Mila, who was best pleased by the crystals, geode, and pretty rocks we brought her from Hot Springs.
She is working on the geode in the above picture.  Mila has always loved rocks; when we go for walks, she has always--since she was a toddler--filled her pockets with pretty rocks to take home to her mother.  The earrings we took her were not nearly as big a hit as the crystals and geode.  :)

I've ordered a couple of books on rocks, minerals, and geology for her.  She has so many decisions to make about her future:
1) beautician
2) animal activist or, maybe,
3) geologist. 

Sunday morning, we had breakfast with Erin and the kids before heading home.  The 4 1/2 drive is pretty exhausting twice in the space of two days, and I took a long nap when we got back!

Now, I'm busy with laundry, etc.  Eventually, I'll be going upstairs to the studio to play.  Or maybe to clean and straighten!


  1. I certainly don't see why Mila can't be all 3 if she wants!

  2. Debra - I agree! No need to eliminate any good possibilities!

  3. The Bat Men sure are cute....must have been difficult telling one from the other! Mila reminds me of a vacation we took when the boys were small: we filled the trunk with rocks and had no room for the luggage. :-) Richard was not happy about the added cost of gas because of the extra weight but we managed and had a wonderful time!

  4. Mary -- I kept saying, "Max, look here," and getting no response. Then the kid turned around and raised his mask...not Max! So yes, it was difficult to tell them apart!

    I love it when kids have a fascination with natural things (rather than just toys). I imagine the cost of the gas was well worth it and that your boys will always remember that trip!

  5. Nice family photos!
    As for the studio, just go and play!

  6. Thanks, Carla! I'm certainly ready for some studio time!


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