Friday, July 08, 2011

The latest AAQI auction is up.  The proceeds go to Alzheimer's Research, so hop on over and choose a small art quilt that you can  enjoy both for its beauty and for the contribution to seeking a cure.  My favorite is a fabric postcard by Karen Musgrave.  Let There Be Butterflies was made during a project for the Holocaust Museum in Houston in honor of all the children who died in the Holocaust.

Fee and I had a lovely time on our road trip.  We were lucky enough to be in Hot Springs for their monthly Gallery Walk which was a great opportunity to view some wonderful art pieces.

In Memphis, we stayed at the Peabody and laughed at the children who got such a kick out of the Peabody Duck Walk.  We visited Beale Street, but the heat and humidity dampened our enthusiasm, and we sought places to sit and have a beer more for the opportunity to let the sweat dry than for the music.

The best part of Memphis for us was the Belz Museum for Asian and Judaic Art.  It was so full of breathtaking art work!  Beautiful, beautiful pieces of carved ivory, such detail. 

We got to see some spectacular 4th of July Fireworks in Memphis and in Natchez.  A great way to spend the July 4th holiday!


  1. We stayed at the Peabody too! We loved Memphis.

  2. Those horses look interesting! Glad you had a fun trip.

  3. Hey Jenclair, I made a second AAQI quilt and just finished it. This one was inspired by you! You posted a photo of a house block and that got my brain whirring away. I'll post pics tonight.

  4. Rian - When my daughter (who used to visit Memphis frequently for work) heard we were going to Memphis, she insisted we stay at the Peabody. Such a lovely old hotel with the marvelous tradition of the duck walk!

    Debra - The horses are huge! Made of jade and tiger's eye and other interesting materials with such wonderful craftsman ship. There was a life-size carriage in another area made of carved jade, but the huge carved ivory pieces were most enchanting.

    Mary - I'll be looking for your pics! I have another idea for the next one. I've begun piecing a background, but haven't had much time since getting back home.


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