Thursday, June 16, 2011


Finished Red (he needs a name--any suggestions?) I thought I posted this last week, but guess I left it in draft form.  His body is an old potato masher.
While in Natchez, I found some affordable sewing machine drawers, and now the little guy has his own place.  He fits just perfectly inside the sewing machine drawer, which now hangs on the wall to give him his little refuge.  

All I have to do is take him out and replace with another Eccentricity that will fit. 
I like the flexibility of being able to change the contents of the drawer.

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  1. Wow, is he cute! Nicely done, Jenclair. I'm not very ingenious at naming things, but he looks like a Red Fred Fiddlehead to me.

  2. First name that popped into my head was "Spud". He's a cutie.

  3. Nice job on "Red" Jenclaire! I love Red Fred Fiddlehead! Very catchy!

  4. Rian -- I like Red Fred Fiddlehead!

    Connie -- Would certainly match the potato masher. :) Clever!

    Sherri -- I especially like the Fiddlehead part!

  5. Hi. Thanks for your visit and comment. Love the idea of using a sewing drawer as a display case.
    ~ Julie

  6. The way he protectively holds the nest, the first name that popped into my head was Francis, for Francis of Assisi, patron saint of animals.

    Love him!

  7. Julie - The drawer makes a great little display case. I'm quite pleased with it and am glad I bought 3 when I found them. :)

    sophie - I did have the idea of gentle protectiveness about him, so the St. Francis theme would fit.


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