Saturday, June 18, 2011

I often find myself frustrated at a restaurant if the backs of the chairs are rounded because there is no place to hang my purse.  Some other frustrated individual didn't just complain about it, but thought of a solution: purse hangers.  So simple, so practical!
                            Welcome to Purse Hangers!  (found via Oopsey Daisey)

And Oopsey Daisey is offering a give-away so check it out!


I'm seriously thinking about what I want to do for AAQI.  I've been visiting with Mary (Fleur de Lis Quilts) and Michele (Heart & Hands) about this.  I've said I wanted to make a donation quilt for a long time, but the itch was in my head, not in my hands.  Now, maybe I'll get soon as I settle on an idea.  However...

I have to clean up my studio first.  My cutting table and ironing board are full of craft items, flea market junk, and dolls in process.  There is no place to begin cutting fabric at this point.

Below are pics of the little man I need to finish.  First, a head from early May out of paper clay.  Then a body--aluminum foil covered with papier mache.
 This fellow was last in line and had to wait until I finished Theo and Red, but now I've got 
something going with him. 

 I did a light paper clay coat over the papier mache, but didn't worry about the roughness of his body because he will be dressed, and it won't show.  He looks pretty uncomfortable with stakes through his shoulders and hips, poor guy.  I think I like his hand on his head, keeping his hat secure.

You can see my cutting table covered with crap stuff.  I'm not a neat craft person.  ("Gloom, despair, and agony on me")The ironing board is just as bad, and the floor, well-- as long as I have room for my yoga mat....


  1. Love that you posted out loud about the possibility of making a quilt for AAQI..and of course that you bought one ;) Check out the website and the 'for sales' and 'been mades' and you will have so many ideas you won't know where to start first! Oops! I mean, you will REALLY want to make one :) Since they love any style, any kind, just the sizing are so free to experiment with just about anything you want to a small format it's all great fun!

  2. I'm with Michele in the comment above. I visited the site just to see what's they're getting these days (I'd seen all sorts at Quilt Festival in Houston) and, my goodness, anything goes. Since I'm planning to make mine in memory of my mom, I will think about her tastes and go from there. I'm getting excited about doing this and about, hopefully, getting others to participate!

  3. Michele - I am excited about the process, but I want something related to my father or to AD specifically. I'm still thinking! :)

    Mary - Yes, there are all sorts of lovely examples, aren't there? I, too, want something personal and related to those I've loved who have suffered from AD. It will come to me, I'm sure--sooner or later!

  4. This is SO cool and so incredible looking. Your fellow is just awesome.

  5. Yarny Days - Thanks! I appreciate your dropping by and taking the time to comment!


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