Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Augustus, Naturalist and Malacologist

His name is Augustus (after Augustus Addison Gould), and like Dr. Gould, he is a Naturalist and a Malacologist. 
Our Augustus isn't quite human, however; he is himself a creature of woods and streams where he is known for searching for snails, collecting feathers, lichen, bark, and small stones, and observing and studying the natural environment.

Most of his research is conducted in the countryside, but he also spends many hours reading and studying the habits of the tiny mollusks that carry their spiraling homes on their backs.
  His field bag is full of his treasures.
His journal is made from birch bark, faded day lily blooms, dried hyacinth beans pods, and other miscellanea.

O.K. - His head is paper clay, his arms are wire with crocheted pearl cotton covering them, his body is an old funnel (flea market purchase) and cell-u-clay, his legs are paper clay over wooden dowels and his leggings are crocheted pearl cotton.

His book is made from a quilted birch bark pieces, dried hyacinth bean pods, dried day lily blooms, etc.  I made this as a quilted postcard several years ago; when I rediscovered it, it seemed perfect for Augustus' large field journal.  Each piece of bark, bean, and faded bloom was Mod Podged to help preserve and make them more flexible, then sewn on a base fabric.  Finally, I quilted with a copper metallic thread.  The MP worked well, because the postcard was made about four years ago and looks no different than it did originally.

By folding the quilted postcard in half, adding a batik fabric for the end papers, then creating and aging some pages for a small signature, it was not too difficult to come up with a book in which Augustus could keep his precious information.

Here are some pics of Augustus' early progress.
Bryce Eleanor was fine when she came home from school yesterday, but got a little grumpy as the evening wore on.  Then before bed, she had a bit of a melt-down.  Keeping her home again today as she still has a snotty nose and the allergies make her tire easily, but is in a great mood.  Her happy and cheerful self again.

Her mommy and daddy will be home this afternoon.   Should be quite a reunion as I think parents and daughter are experiencing separation anxiety.


  1. He came out awesome!! I really love the shade of green!


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