Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Ash Wednesday

and the beginning of Lent.

But first, some views of the Highland Parade, a wonderful neighborhood parade that wends its way through the Highland area. 

So much fun, such good food, and so many old friends.  Thanks to Ricky and Teresa for a wonderful time!

Below -- Bryce Eleanor's float from Audrey's Mardi Gras Birthday Parade.  Photo by KK (mother of John David, who not only appears in B.E.'s nightly prayers, but last night was also in the book we read.  She just co-opted the characters in one of the Stillwater books to become Bryce Eleanor, John David, and Paddy.

 Erin and Ren, what are those expressions about?  Looks as if the wine tasting in Sonoma went to your heads!


  1. What a great parade. I bet the music was grand, too.

  2. Fun, fun!! Love BE's float! =-)

  3. Rian - It is a great parade. I don't go to the big ones. Didn't even go when Fee and Amelia were part of one of the big crews. Too many people!

    DebbyMc - :) Last year, her float was Horton Hatches an Egg. Amelia did great work on both of them!


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