Friday, February 04, 2011

Snow Day

We are snowed in.  Fee is in Texas and cannot get home.  The cats and I are cozy inside, although Edgar made a brief foray into the white stuff.  This is nothing compared to what many parts of the country have experienced, but it is such a rare event for us, magical and exciting. 

The huge, white flakes continue to fall.  I'm a bit mesmerized as I stand by the windows and watch.  Elizabeth spend last night with Bryce Eleanor (her first sleep-over), so Amelia plans to play in the snow with the girls.

Here is the conversation between B.E. and Elizabeth last night, according to Amelia:

E: This is MY favorite pillow.
B.E.: This is MY favorite pillow.
E: This is OUR favorite pillow. We are Best Friends.


  1. Oh my goodness - snow in Louisiana!! Stay cozy!

  2. Gerrie - We get kind of silly when we get snow. All of the schools are closed because of the icy roads, and although my teaching days are long gone, I always smile at Snow Days!

  3. Who would have expected snow in Louisiana!!

  4. It is always short-lived, but we enjoy it while it lasts!

  5. Jen, now that is something I never thought I'd see. But I guess if we can be shut down for a week in Atlanta, you can have snow in Louisiana too. It's only fair! :-)

  6. Deborah- It is all gone now, but we have another winter storm headed in this afternoon! Our situation was nothing like Atlanta's, however!


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