Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Paper Flowers

 Saw some paper flowers at Northern Cottage and decided to give them a try.  The only things I did differently :   added some watered down paint to the wet paper (because I didn't have the colorful comics sections - it wasn't Sunday), use buttons because I didn't have brads, and finish with a watered down coat of  ModgePodge.  The MP stiffened the paper and gave it some crackly sound effects, but they will be fine to use instead of bows on gifts.

I think I'll save the comic sections for awhile to get the color and skip the ModgePodge.  The extra steps of painting the paper to get a little color and the MP took more time for no real benefit.  Also plan to use smaller circles.

A simple project that I complicated, but that was nevertheless kind of relaxing.  My pictures aren't very good, but you can check the ones at Northern Cottage to get a better idea.


  1. I love how your paper roses turned out. Wonderful color selection. I'm going to give them a try - maybe make up a few in advance of all of the upcoming birthday gifts I'll be sending this year! Thanks for your inspiration.

  2. Thanks! They were kind of fun to make; I've tried most versions of fabric flowers, but this is my first attempt at paper. Check out the tutorial at Northern Cottage!

  3. These look very pretty; they would be great on gifts.

  4. Thanks, Kay! They were fun to make and will be good for that extra touch on a gift!


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