Monday, December 20, 2010

'Tis the Season

I've not had much time lately for the computer, and I have a lot of catching up to do.  So many blogs to visit!

I made 3 bags using images from The Graphics Fairy and filled them with greenery from the garden.   Using brown wrapping paper that I crumpled and ironed flat, I printed images directly on one bag and onto muslin for the other two.  Added a little lace, sewed them up and added handles, then filled them with greenery wrapped in a wet paper towel and covered with plastic wrap to keep them fresh.  Need to get some candy canes to add to them.  Forgot to take a picture of the third bag, but will get that one later.
In the top right corner is Laddie's hat with a little holly for a reminder.  I love that hat; he always looked so sporty in it, and the addition to the hat band gave it a Christmas touch.  The  flower ornament on the top bag is just left-over scraps of muslin, lace, and brown paper sewn together.
  Found a bag of moss purchased for another project a while back, and began adding it to a tiny foil baking tin and a small tin can to hold a plant and a candle.
(the text should read "Wet paper towel to keep moist;...")

Wrapped some bark around a green candle and put it in the can with moss, feathers, and berries--perfect fit.
  An old book cover that I've had for years and that only sees light during the Christmas Season, oranges and lemons, beloved soup tureen:
 Another image from The Graphics Fairy on sheer fabric and framed.  I'm not terribly pleased with this and may change this out later.
My favorite time is at night with just candles and tree lights, some Christmas music, and a cuppa green tea. 


  1. You're so clever! I really like that crumpled-paper one.

  2. The birds, paper and lace bag are a great combination. :)

  3. Rian -- Thanks, they are fun and easy to make!

    Shelly -- I've just been using scraps, recycling, and enjoying myself. The images from the Graphics Fairy are the key!

  4. Debra- Right now, I'm in the festive mood!


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