Saturday, December 04, 2010

Printing on Fabric

One of the projects that I was working on before Thanksgiving was printing on fabric.  Using images from The Graphics Fairy, I experimented with printing on linen, muslin, and a sheer.  I was a bit worried about the sheer, but it worked fine, even if at least half the ink ended up on the freezer paper.

Then I needed a way to use my fabric prints.  I had a lovely pink tee that just happened to be in the studio awaiting a transformation, so I ironed  the sheer image of this bird nest with eggs onto fusible, and then onto the tee.
Here is the original image.  You can tell that printing on the sheer lost a lot of detail.
 I really like the shimmery, glittery, translucent quality of the sheer fabric. Not at all sure if the sheer will hold up in the wash, but we will see.  Some small images of a reindeer on linen will become sachets or little bags.

Really need to begin working on the sachets (I have lots of lavender left from some previous sachet projects), but I'll be keeping Bryce Eleanor today, so there is no way that is going to happen until at least Sunday afternoon.

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  1. Wow, love the shimmer on your project.

  2. Thanks, Tammara! I love the nest image!

  3. A lovely image and the t-shirt looks amazing with it.

  4. Thanks, Petra! I'm just hoping the sheer will take the washing machine, fingers crossed!

  5. I love the sparkle! I didn't know you could print on sheer fabric, that's another one I'll have to add to my list!


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