Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Smashed Peas and CarrotsWhat great way to display your fabrics!  Smashed Peas & Carrots shows you how she organizes and displays her fabric so that it becomes a cheerful, artistic to the room.   She also has an Etsy shop

I love the cheerful fabrics, the accessibility, the efficiency.  I'm not showing my storage, but be assured that it looks NOTHING like this.  I have, however, ordered some comic book boards, so maybe my own stash will look a little better and be easier to choose from.

My attempts to clean and organize continue to stymied by many distractions and as the process continues, the mess seems to get worse. 

This is what I'm reading right now, and it is so very interesting!  It is an account of an espionage operation undertaken by British Intelligence during WWII.  Funny how many men who worked in British Intelligence, in one category or another, either were already novelists or became novelists.   Several of the men who worked on this particular mission were novelists, but it would require that kind of mind to put into action some of the deceptions dreamed up to mislead the enemy.

I've done a Tuesday Teaser post on it on my book blog.


  1. Such pretty colors...but I'm getting anxiety just thinking about being that organized...=-/

  2. Debby - I'm the middle of such a mess of organization (?) right now that I must be dreaming to think about sorting through the fabric. But it looks so pretty the way she has done it!


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