Monday, November 15, 2010

Weekend Happenings

Sunday, Fee and I had brunch, then hit an antique mall where I picked up a few small items.  Lots of metal buttons; these are only a few of them, but many of the others are the same style.  It is nice to sometimes have matching buttons.
A large wooden spool, some wooden cigar boxes, a couple of shoe lasts, a darner, and a frog.  I nearly bought a frog like this a couple of weeks ago, but thought it was too expensive, then we went over to Ricky and Teresa's house, and I saw Teresa's collection and started kicking myself.  It was good to find one in my price range.  I had a bunch of the other kind of frogs before we moved, but can't find them.
In the oven and in the studio:  a neck piece with flowers and beads, a cat in the oven, a quilt sandwich with both variegated thread and copper metallic thread quilting (ready for beading), and a few more smaller Guardians.

Bryce Eleanor came over on Friday afternoon because Amelia had a grown-up event to attend (I've seen the pictures, and they don't look very grown-up wearing party hats).  Bryce Eleanor is always glad to arrive on Tuesdays because her grandfather picks her up at school and brings her. Amelia leaving her is a different matter.

The tantrum took about 5 minutes, first to last--from sad, to mad, to bad. Then all was fine, and we had a great time..  However, when Amelia came to pick her up on Saturday afternoon, she was back in her mother's arms, clinging like a little monkey; she could barely give me a good-by.
It was cold and rainy outside, but she played with her blocks and her mermaids and colored in her coloring book, peeled the paper off the crayons, and drew a picture of her goldfish, Marlin.


  1. I see you hade a great weekend

  2. Emmy-- It was good! Busy the whole time, so now I'm ready to get back to some creative endeavors.


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