Friday, November 05, 2010

Frantic Friday

 The wire light fixture with lamp fixture taped on at this point.  I found some fabric beads I made years ago and a little quilted brooch, a tiny brass locket, and an old red cross pin--these may or may not be used.
I started that post on Monday, and I've made some progress since least in deciding more about how to move on with her.  Instead of the fabric beads from years ago, I'm in the process of making more.  Don't know if I'll use the brooch or not, but I found the discharged fabrics I made and used for the fabric brooch when I was on that kick and may quilt a larger piece to include as part of her clothing.

  I'm making the new beads out of the same discharged fabric.  I've added details to the head and made some hands for the main figure, and  the  5" red-headed girl may be placed in the "cage."  She's been painted and given a wash with burnt umber that was supposed to give her an aged look, but instead she now looks as if she's been playing in the mud. She's in there now, but may not stay.

The last few days have been literally waiting for paint to dry, or gesso to dry, or sanding, or wondering what to do next, but yesterday afternoon ideas began arriving, I was able to get busy again.  So many projects in progress at the same time...

The studio is in chaos, and now things will slow down again until order can be regained.

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