Thursday, October 21, 2010

Meandering Thoughts

Point of is all in the way we see things.  Your vision and mine are different.  We can look at the same thing and see something entirely different--ugliness or beauty, mundane or a chimera, an inspiration.  I loved this poem--Sea Girls by A.E. Stallings about different points of view and the way another's vision can influence your own.  I love these lines: 

See, they rise
As though we glimpsed them through a torn disguise—
Spellbound maidens, wild in flight, forsaken—
Some metamorphosis that Ovid missed...
 And the poet's recognition that the other's difficulty with language (gulls-girls) has made an enchantment of the ordinary.

Digression on language -- When Erin  was little, she had lots of "idids" instead of ideas.  However, if you do something with the idea, it becomes an "idid."  A transformation, a metamorphosis.  And Amelia would look at a waning or waxing moon and insist, "Mommy, the moon is broken!"  I never see a crescent moon without thinking of Amelia.  Bryce Eleanor loves "yogoat" -- a variation of yogurt that I love!

 Ahhh, the humorous and poetic use of language by children.  They are so good at it, and usually, only poets and writers retain the ability to use metaphoric, image-laden language as adults.  By high school, so many children are limited to the ordinary, but I always had a few students who would stun me with their creative use of language.  I was always  a  bit envious, as well as delighted, because although I have a deep appreciation of language, I never had great facility. 

These things are ordinary, but I love them.

Do you have examples of different perceptions of beauty or imaginative language?


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