Friday, October 29, 2010

Happy Anniversary!

I've been working on this one (off and on) for about 2 months.  Each time an impasse was reached, he was set aside.
Now, I think he's finished.  I used the oil can from a flea market, an old watch face, brass brads, a gear from an old watch for his eye-patch,  and  paper clay.  This is the Time Keeper.  He times dirigible races (as popular as NASCAR in some strange steampunk world).  He carries his aether mask to help deal with the fumes.
Right click to enlarge.
 I've ventured into the world of steampunk because I always loved Jules Verne and was easily captured by the combination of Victorian sensibilities, the Steam Age, and the combination of industrialization and science that steampunk aficionados find so compelling.

My recent Etsy purchases from Caustic Threads were mailed in the package sent to Erin, Mila, and Max in Baton Rouge.  These were for my Roller Derby daughter:
 I think she liked them.  Now, she can go to practice in Caustic Style!
Today is our anniversary!  We've been married a long, long time...39 years.  It seems like forever and like an instant.  Happy Anniversary, Fee; I love you still and always!

Let's hope this anniversary goes better than the last one!  I had planned one of Fee's favorite meals, but got a tornado, instead.   It was certainly memorable, but not one we ever want repeated...


  1. Congratulations! I wish you a nice (and quiet) anniversary day.

  2. Happy anniversary, hope it is a lovely day!

  3. What a fun post today =-) There's something so fascinating about the whole Steam Punk thing, isn't there? Happy Anniversary! Wow, 39. We are now at 33 1/2. Hoping this is a quieter one for you than last year's!

  4. Thanks, Ladies! Fee should be home this evening (he's been out of town again)and we have reservations at Two Johns, so it should be a lot more fun than last year!

  5. I hope your dinner was lovely and the weather remained completely inconsequential! love the roller derby shirts and also your little time keeper. (this is Acey - they aren't letting me in with my google account)

  6. He's fabulous! These dolls just get better and better. The whimsy and personality is wonderful--so unlike the way my mind works that I am always delighted by them.

    Happy Anniversary. I didn't realize it coincided with the tornado.

  7. Thanks, Kay! When I looked back at the tornado post and saw the pictures again, I was so grateful for a peaceful anniversary dinner and good weather!

  8. Acey - We had a wonderful dinner, good weather, and today...a little trip to Canton, Texas!

  9. Oh jen-I think I like the steampunk best but then again, every time you make one I like it! Happy Anniversary-sounds like y'all had a good one. My daughter's wedding this weekend then on to some Christmas creating next week. It'l be strange to be free to not work on wedding things. Take care-it's supposed to get cold!

  10. Thanks, SueSue! Our anniversary was such a nice one this year. It was a great weekend.

    It may take you a while to recover from all the pre-wedding intensity, but I'm sure all of the efforts will be glorious!


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