Friday, September 24, 2010

Haven't posted since last Saturday.  Saturday afternoon, Fee did chores like change light bulbs and filters.  Had to have the big ladder because the ceilings are so high.  Edgar liked that!  Then Bryce Eleanor enters...

and he decides to come down and play with her.  Sort of.  He endures a few hugs and then finds a comfy place to rest.

Returned B.E. to her mother on Sunday, but she was back again for her regular Tuesday visit.  I'd bought her some Ariel pajamas, and she wanted to go to bed at 4:30!  After dinner and a bath, she got to put them on, and she was delighted.  Funny Girl.

I found myself on a creative spree on Wednesday and have been going strong.  Started a couple of new projects and this morning, decided to finish up Ebeneezer Bleezer, the Ice-Cream Man.  All I had left was to make his list of flavors.
 I'll show progress from beginning to end in the next post.  'Cause I finally made the list of flavors, and as soon as it is ready to hang, he will be done! 

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