Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Cleaning Companion

I did a thorough general cleaning yesterday:  straightening, dusting, vacuuming, mopping the floors, etc.  For the next few days (weeks?), I'm going to be concentrating on tackling target areas like closets, pantry, cabinets, blinds, and windows. 

At least that is my intention.  Spring and Fall are good times for deep cleaning, purging, and organizing.  I'm always good at the beginning, but gradually lose steam as other interests claim my attention.

Edgar provides a little difficulty as I try to move from room to room because he is the ultimate nosy cat, following and sticking his furry nose into everything.  If I'm cleaning the sink, he wants to jump up and inspect it; doing the laundry is merely providing him a soft place for him to rest; he climbs down into the machine when I've finished transferring clothes to the dryer; if I go upstairs, he rushes to the top step to wait for me.

It is understood that I must then sit on the top step for a few minutes and offer my lap for him while he purrs and surveys his domain from this higher vantage point.  Only after this ritual can I open the door, leaving him on the step to stretch himself out,  swish his tail and wait.

Stinker and Lucy?  They just blink their green/gold eyes as I pass, lifting their heads slightly, but in no way concerned.


  1. My hubby thinks is so funny when I'm cleaning because there is always one or two cats following me from room to room. If I go to the sewing room all of them will follow! One on each windowsill, one on the ironing board, one in the chair and one on the throw rug!

  2. Our little Boston used to follow me from room to room, but he'd sit and wait for me to leave. Cats are more curious, aren't they? At least, Edgar is; he wants to have his nose in everything.

    I chuckled at your cat on the ironing board. Yesterday, I was ironing a shirt and had to stop and use the sticky roller to remove the cat hair!

  3. I think that Edgar wants a ride in that machine...

  4. Rian, I've considered it!

  5. it would seem Edgar and Celeste were separated at birth despite the age difference.

  6. Curiouser and Curiouser?


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