Friday, August 27, 2010


Another lovely beginning to the day!  Another day with low humidity!  Wonderful!

I'm also excited because Amelia and I are going to see The Girl Who Plays with Fire this evening at the Robinson Film Center. 

More work on the dolls yesterday.  It is strange that I can spend so many hours and have so little to show for it.  On the other hand, the hours fly by, and I'm usually amazed to see that it is almost time for Fee to be home, and I still haven't so much as thought about what to fix for dinner.  Today, sand and gesso, sand and gesso...

Cool link to Dr. Seuss, stories behind the stories.   

And watch this emu dance to impress his lady!


  1. When I am in the zone, time flies too.

  2. Time is so relative--if your are enjoying yourself and time flies. If your aren't, it can drag on and on. :)


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