Monday, July 12, 2010

Body for grandmother doll is close to being finished; little figures made with fast mache over wine corks (not crazy about this medium--difficult to work with--much prefer paper clay); old and new paper clay heads.
The heads will eventually all have cloth bodies.

Lunch with Amelia yesterday...plenty of Mimosas.  Mmmmhmmm.


  1. WOW! those heads are really good!

  2. Gosh, Jenny, you are SO good at this...I'm in awe...

  3. Debra - Thanks! I knew where each one was going, but I don't even know for sure if they are male or female as I'm making them.

    Debbie - You are so sweet! I'm having fun and learning as I go.

  4. I've no come across fast mache.... I gets it's paper mache?
    Sounds sticky!

    Looking forward to seeing your folk finished...

    Thanks for visiting ma blog... Mousey passed away yesterday, so it was a good day for the anima shelter, and a bad day for Mousey. He was going to be 17 next month, so I think he had a nice long life :O)of course, my heart is broken, but it will heal..

  5. Fast Mache is a dry package of ground? paper that you mix with water. It IS sticky and rough. It would probably be fine for making some things, but isn't at all good for details.

    I'm so sorry about Mousey. Maybe the latest stray came along just at that time as a means of comfort and distraction.


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