Thursday, June 03, 2010

Thursday Thoughts

Fee bought me these little chickens and sheep when we were in Baton Rouge, I could barely get Edgar away before he was back investigating...and tasting.  The other little figures are the ones I've been working on for "what lies within"  - they are on hold for a while, while I make some decisions about them  One has a key, one a mask, one a moon charm, and one has two hearts (for "i carry your heart, i carry it in my heart").

One reminds me of a monk, and he may end up as a St. Francis figure with a bird "within."  The latest one has hands in anjali mudra and can be imagined saying Namaste.

 I didn't take any pictures of Bryce Eleanor on Tuesday or yesterday morning, but here is one from last week.  She looks so solemn, but the truth is that she is always in the best mood, cheerful, and laughing when she wakes up. 
Have no idea why she looked so serious in this photo, but I should have fixed her hair before sitting her down for breakfast!

Today is a difficult day, as Chris left for his deployment to Iraq this morning.  It will be a long 6 months for Amelia and Chris.  We are so proud of our son-in-law; he is such a wonderful husband and father.  Fee and I will miss him, too. 


  1. I like that sequence of photos... a lot of stories hidden in it - makes me think of a mediaeval storyteller´s picture-sheet...

  2. great fun catching up here. Love the design of an open ribcage with symbol inserts. I can't decide which one of the triad is my favorite but it *might* be Edgar. Will hold thoughts focused on Chris' safe return. It's fortunate for Amelia and Bryce Eleanor that you and Fee are so close at hand!

  3. ger- Edgar is the epitome of curiosity. He makes it into almost every picture, "helps" clean the bathtub and make the bed and do the laundry, etc. He really liked the sheep!

    ACey - Edgar is certainly a people person! The other two love to be petted, but otherwise are less concerned with our activities.

    I appreciate your keeping Chris in your thoughts, ACey!

  4. Will hold good thoughts for you SIL and DD. I am sure this is not easy. I think Bryce Eleanor was just concentrating on what looks like a strawberry!!

  5. I don't think she looks somber or serious. I just think she has "the stares." Whatever, she sure is adorable.

  6. Gerrie - Thanks, Gerrie, for the good thoughts. Yup, that kid loves fruit!

    Rian - You are right, she has the last bite of strawberry in her mouth! :)


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