Saturday, June 19, 2010

Playing with Dolls

Haven't worked with my little people for nearly 2 weeks, but today is reserved (I hope) for catching up with them.  The last thing I did was paint the tattoo man.

I had begun working on an embroidered skirt for him, although I'm not sure it will turn out to be what he finally wears.  He is to be a kind of whirling dervish with skirt flaring.  I also have more details to add to him, and he is feeling fairly confident that he can carry them off.  I mean with all of those projections on his head, the little man has to be confident.

Upstairs there is another fellow waiting for clothes, a body in the process of being stuffed, and several heads awaiting attention.  Plus whirling dervish tattoo guy.  Better get going!


  1. I think this guy is my favorite one so far! The whirling dervishes, by the by, whirl very slowly. Like that little ballerina in a musical jewelry box or like a spinning top before it topples over.


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