Saturday, May 22, 2010

Friday Re-Cap

No work on dollies yesterday, but I'm proud of my latest vintage acquisitions from yesterday's Antique Mall expedition.

I'll show some of these in more detail later, but for now...
The little pink doll dress is in rags and all of the beautiful handkerchiefs have stains, but the lace is beautiful and the vendor had them so carefully starched and ironed.  All of the handkerchief items were half price.

I spent so much time at the one shop (and parking lot vendors) that there wasn't time to visit any of the others shops in the area, but I had several interesting conversations with both customers and vendors.  There is always such camaraderie when people share the same passion! 

Friday was a day with lots of unexpected surprises-- $28 dollars for a total of about 19 items!

It was hot as blazes though (and today's high is expected to be 95); I feel sorry for the parking lot folks having to deal with the heat and humidity.  Bet if I went back today, prices would be falling as the temperature rises.  Tempting, but I must keep telling myself that I've spent my allotted cash.

How is your weekend so far?


  1. All these photos in the recent posts are such a treat, expecially the ones of your garden. How lovely.


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